Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tuneables DVD and Music Box CD Review: A New Music Series for Kids

One of the first Mommy and Me activities I did with ER was weekly music classes.  It was fun half hour spent together learning songs, tapping to the beat, and rhythm.  We were both sad when we completed the series of classes for our program.  We had to go out each week, sometimes on Michigan's icy roads to get there, but now it's possible for your kids to learn music fundamentals at home.  I was especially interested in The Tuneables because I'm always up for looking into ways to get kids actively engaged with music, instead of just passively listening along.

Through the new DVD/CD collection, The Tuneables, your kids will be taken to the colorful magical world of Tuneville, where they'll meet some special characters.  Each one is based on a musical instrument and with their new friends, viewers are encouraged to hear and sing tonal patterns, develop rhythmic skills, stretch singing skills, and be engaged with classical music.  Kids are encouraged to "hear it, do it, and name it," leading to greater understanding and mastery.
My daughter loves dancing, music, and singing and really loves The Tuneables: I Love Music.  She even commented the first time we watched it, that it's like being back in music class.  It was nice that the characters encouraged viewers to do things like pat your knees, march, and sway to the beat of music to keep their body moving.  Another aspect I enjoyed was how you also work on voice control by singing softly and matching the song's pitch.  More DVD/CDs are expected to be added to this series and will build on the skills taught in this one.  I like the idea of having a series of music lessons you can do in your home over and over, whenever it's convenient for you.

Included with the DVD is a CD, The Music Box, designed to support the curriculum in The Tuneables, it's also a stand alone music experience.  There are 19 songs on it that encourage kids to move to the beat, hear and sing tonal patterns, improve overall singing ability, and expose them to classical music, all of which reinforce the concepts from the DVD.  The combined DVD and CD package is geared toward ages 3-8 and retails for $29.99.  I believe it is a fair price, since each music class we went to broke down to being $18 a class and you get a CD too.  Like most young children, my daughter likes repetition and replaying the video is both enjoyable and helps her practice new skills.  The Tuneables is one fun new series that will teach both you and your children new musical skills.

You can learn more about the program's sponsor the Music Intelligence Project and follow The Tuneables on Facebook.  To view sample videos and hear music view their YouTube channel.  Here is one of ER's favorite songs from the video:


Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Tuneables DVD and Music Box CD via Team Mom.  The experience and opinions related within are personal and unbiased.

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