Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Conquer the Kairu and Become a Redakai! An Exciting New Trading Card Game

Card games are extremely popular with the neighborhood kids.  Even my five year old enjoys collecting cards for the various games, even though she has no idea how to actually play them, mainly because she can't yet read the cards.  I recently got to check out Redakai, an exciting new trading card game with amazing Blast3D technology.  Redakai combines the fun and excitement of a tournament style card game with 3D and animation effects. 

Until you see the cards in action, you won't believe how cool the animation looks as you move the cards. Through the stacking of the cards, the overlays change the health and appearance of the player.  Through this, the game actually tracks your progress and players get to see the damaging effects of their attacks. It is also accessible to younger players because one style of play is less reliant on reading.  Learn more about how to play the game by viewing the video below.

My husband was and is still all about role playing games and Redakai has great potential for Dads like Brad to play with their kids and continue to be involved in RPG (Role Playing Games). I really like how the game can be simple or as you get better, more advanced so it stays interesting for a range of ages and skill levels.  Lke many RPG it also has a community of fans players can interact with both online and at events.
We were sent a starter pack (suggested retail value $12.99) that comes with two power packs and a portable battlefield designed to look like the X-Reader seen in the show.  Players can take their X-Drives into battle.  We had our 8 year old neighbor check it out for us.  He was very excited by the package, as he looked at it.  He continued to be captivated by the graphics on the cards and how they combined into new images.  His mom reported he continued to look at them all night long and loves them.
More cards are available in Power Packs of 11 cards, suggested retail $5.99, an inexpensive way to expand your play.  One of the coolest accessories for the games is this deluxe figure (suggested retail value $19.99).  When cards are inserted into the figure, unique animations hidden in every Attack X-Drive are unlocked, players can see the attack come to life.

The game is targeted to kids aged 6-11, with products ranging from $5.99 to $29.99.  Fans can see Redakai brought to life through the annimated series, now on Cartoon Network.  Learn more at Redakai.com.


Disclosure: A complimentary review sample was provided, the opinions and experiences related within are personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was received.

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