Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Costumes with Spooky Stuff: Free Mini Kit

Are your kids excited for Halloween?  Even though the month's just begun ER has known for awhile what she wants to be.  Big surprise, it's a princess...yet again, but with a twist that even Daddy can appreciate.  I think he was secretly thrilled when she announced it was Princess Leia from Star Wars.  We found a great costume, complete with bun style hair do wig!  We couldn't leave LB out of the fun, although I probably won't give into pressure and search out an ewok costume.  I did dress him up in this cutie patootie green monster one piece, it even has "claws" on the feet! 
I used the FREE mini kit Spooky Stuff from this month's newsletter from Louise Franks Designs.  This month it also comes with a free template, that I used with the kit to make the layout at the top super fast.  So if you don't already subscribe, why the heck not?  There's still time to sign up and get the newsletter this month.  Then you can look forward to a new cool freebie each month, as well as finding out the latest scoop about Louise's designs.  It's a win win!


2 Friends Said:

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

So cute! I totally sent and signed up, thanks!!

Lizzy said...

Awww--an ewok! That would be sooooo cute with your little princess Leia! How fun--I'm totally a sucker for that kinda stuff. I dressed my son in a frog costume to go with my daughter's princess costume last year--but its a no go this year. My son is old enough to decide and is insisting on a dinosaur costume. My daughter is into the fairy thing so I guess no more matching costumes for me! The green monster outfit looks cute too though! =)

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