Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Squinkies for Boys Review

Last year we were introduced to Squinkies, when we reviewed the Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop.  They continue to be a favorite in our household.  My daughter can't get enough of them, she got more for her birthday this past summer.  Now Squinkies are making the jump from successful girl's toy to the shelves of the boy's action aisles.  These will be a hot item for Christmas so I advise stocking up early!
This one inch world will continue to feature highly detailed collectable figures with themes including monsters, aliens, military, extreme sports, ninjas, robots, and more!  The fun "squishy" feeling collectables continue to come in their own little bubble, with fun surprise characters hidden in frosted bubbles.  Great for imaginative play they double as fun pencil toppers.  New to the line of Squinkies geared for boys is an exciting element of game play, with 2 bonus battle dice and game instuction booklet included in each Bubble Pack of 14 Squinkies (suggested retail value $9.99).
Squinkies for Boys are now featuring the top boy licenses such as Marvel Universe, Hot Wheels, WWE, Toy Story, Power Rangers, Spongebob Squarepants, and our personal favorite...Cars!  These Bubble Packs come with 12 Squinkies (suggested retail value $9.99) individually packaged in their own bubble.  Character dispensers (suggested retail value $19.99) for Marvel Universe, Cars, Hot Wheels, and Toy Story will also be available.  Each dispenser will double as a place to store your Squinkies and a fun play environment.
We have some little boy friends with have played with the original Squinkies and they are excited to have Squinkies and play sets geared more toward their interests.  We received a Squinkies Boys Skull Cavern Playset (suggested retail value $19.99) that you can load up to 20 Squinkies in.  Use the included magic coins, or a nickle or dime, to get a Squinkie out with the turn of the knob.  Inside are two thrones for your to place one of your six exclusive Squinkies on.
Squinkies Rides (suggested retail value $6.99) are another fun addition to the Squinkies world.  Each one is a mini dispenser shaped like a vehile, Tuff Ride is shown above. and comee with three exclusive Squinkie figures.  Pegs are built into the vehile's design for you to attach your Squinkies to for display and play.  Themes include military, space, street racer, and a half pipe for skate board fans.

These are not the only great new additions to the world of Squinkies!  Just last night my daughter was eyeing at the store, the awesome new playsets and tiny toys for the girlsSquinkies are going to be just as popluar with boys and the original line is with girls.  Last year it was very hard to find them on the shelves, so don't delay in picking out the Squinkies and play sets perfect for your child!


Disclosure: I received complimentary review samples and press materials to facilitate this review, no other compensation was received.  The experiences and opinions expressed within are personal and unbiased.

2 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

Johnny would go nuts over the Cars 2 Squinkies!

Mandi said...

Do you know where you can buy the squinkie playsets for boys? I can't find them anywhere. I'd REALLY like the mini vehicle dispensers.

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