Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Gift Guide: Posy Slippers from the Smartdogs® Collection by Grandoe®

Just in time for the change in seasons, a pair of Posy hoodback style women's slippers from Smartdogs® by Grandoe® turned up on the doorstep for review.  Aren't they super cute?  I was very excited because as a person with Type II Diabeties, the importance of wearing slippers with a sturdy sole for good foot care has been impressed upon me by the podiatrist.   These are great, very comfortable, warm, and stylish.  The sole is thick enough so that you can even wear them out to pick up the mail or to grab something from the car without having to change.
What makes these extra special is that each pair of Posy comes with Comfort IQ, an exclusive temperature regulating technology that Grandoe® has used successfully for some time in their dress glove line and that has now been added to the Fall 2012 collection for Smartdogs® by Grandoe®. Comfort IQ is an exclusive Phase Change Bubble Technology that actually stores body heat until it senses your feet need it and then gradually releases warmth. These are the only slippers that are smart enough to balance warmth and comfort on their own.  Pretty neat!
Of course, I don't think about all that when wearing them.  Because to be perfectly honest, a slipper could have all the technology in the world, but if they don't also look good I probably won't wear them much.  I just know they feel wonderful on the feet and the decorative details are really lovely.  From the pink brushed polyester lining and corduroy edging to the colorful fleece flower, I find these to be both extremely functional and stylish.  They are so cosy feeling, it's like wearing your favorite sweater on your feet.
These Posy hoodback style women's slippers retail for $55 and are available in charcoal, grey heather, and the tan I was sent.   They'd make a great gift to put under the tree.  They'll keep your loved one's feet, and yours too, warm and comfortable all winter long.


Disclosure: A complimentary pair of slippers were provided for this review.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.

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