Sunday, November 4, 2012

Play Time with Disney's Brave Character Cutouts

Download Character Cutouts!
Are you excited for the release of Disney's Brave on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download on November 13th?  We sure are!  Fans can prepare for seeing their favorite new Disney Princess at home by playing with these downloadable character cutouts and a backdrop of the DunBroch banquet hall!

Cut out the Brave characters then prop up the backdrop and watch their imaginations run as wild as Merida's hair! Whether they are recreating scenes from the film or making up their very own stories, these will  provide  hours of imaginative playtime! 
Download Games of Bravery!
While you're at it, take time to test your bravery and wits against these Brave printable activities!  Don't worry no full body contact sports or archery is necessary!

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Ticia said...

So pinning this for later.......

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