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My church recently had it's annual silent auction, I was on the decorating committee and we were looking for a really eye catching way to incorporate our theme, Steppin' Out with Sinatra.  When offered me a custom vinyl banner to review, I knew it was just the thing to really make an impact.  The graphic designer for the event worked with me to create a design that would look great on a 2ft. by 4ft. banner and coordinate with other images used for the event.  She sent me a pdf of the design and it took me just seconds to upload my design.
We placed our order on the 25th.  It arrived just five days later and that included the weekend.  I could not believe the speedy turn around time!  I was so excited to get our vinyl banner and really impressed with the fantastic results.  The design looks nice and crisp, the vinyl is durable with a smooth finish, and I thought the customer service provided by was excellent. 
The banner arrived ready to hang from the metal grommets already installed in each corner.  Almost as soon as I placed my order on the 25th, I got an email with clear instructions, illustrations, and ideas for how to properly hang and install my banner.  Since it was sent upon order, I had several days to gather together any supplies I might need.  It also included tips for how to store my banner.  These were all pretty helpful extras that provides.

When my vinyl banner arrived on the 30th, I got a follow email notifying me it had been delivered.  While I was home at the time, this was nice touch.  I remember how when I was still teaching and living in a multi unit apartment building, deliveries used to make me concerned about my packages actually getting to me.  An emailed delivery confirmation, like the one I got from, would let me know to look for it and to know right away if it went missing.  Many companies I've ordered from offer package tracking, but I have to take an extra step to check on it.  I love having this all done for me.
We used the vinyl banner I got for review as the focal point behind the three piece band we had playing during dinner at the Silent Auction. It really looked great.
Here is another view of how it looked hung up on the stage.  Several guest were very impressed with how it matched the graphics on the centerpieces and other themed displays and advertisements for the event.  I think it really gave a pulled together professional look to our decorating.  The committee was quite pleased.

While the design for the silent auction at my church was put together for me, I went on and saw that it's easy to design a vinyl banner right on their site.  You can pick from many different templates and then edit to personalize.  Navigation is easy with categories making it quick to find exactly what you're looking for.  There are also lots of holiday designs.  You would just scroll down below the area I've shown above to find them.

I know many families host an annual holiday party.  Wouldn't it be fun to start a new tradition and create a vinyl banner to display and greet your guests with each year?  Here are just some of the Christmas Banner templates you can pick from. 
Click on your favorite and the design editor opens.  This is what the screen will look like.  From here you can change the size of the clip art, edit the text, and even add pictures or graphics from your own computer, etc.  It's fun to play around with the different layers and really make the vinyl banner design perfect just for you.

While there are many options to help make the design process easier, you can always create your own design and upload it like I did.  A 2ft. by 4ft vinyl banner from is priced at $29.88 and I think it's a great value for less than $30.  They are a great way to promote your business, since many of my readers are crafters...think of how great one would look at your booth for a craft fair!  Holidays and a new baby are other great times to use a vinyl banner.  I'm a girl scout troop leader and I also like the idea of having a banner with the troop number and council name on it for when we march in parades.  Can you think of any other reasons when a custom vinyl banner from would be great to have?  Let me know in the comments! 


Disclosure: A complimentary review vinyl banner was provided.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.

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Katie said...

Your banner looks fantastic. I had one made to review too. Turned out great. I need to write about it soon, but you do such a good job with the details :)

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