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Project Life Week 40 & 41

Hello Project Lifers!  I've got two weeks this time, and I'm noticing as I type up this post that I never put the date on my pages for the week of Oct 7-13.  Good thing I try to keep up with these, I notice little mistakes when I upload or edit pictures of my week all the time.  Hope I'm not the only one to do that from time to time!  Anyway, the date will go somewhere on the long green strip of paper.
This week started with my friend's bridal shower and I remembered to hang onto the invitation to include as one of my bits and pieces of life.  It's nice too, because then I didn't have to add any type of bridal embellishment.  You can already tell the theme from the dress on the invitation.  I went with a circle theme on this side of week and added some journaling circles to echo the circles in the green patterned paper.  I attached the details from the shower over an empty spot of the card desigsn.
I have to share this little part because can you believe that cake?!  There were layers of brownie, crushed cookies, cheesecake, frosting repeated.  It was really tall and hard to cut.  But it was really decadent and rich, I only took three bites because I knew it would wreck havoc on my blood sugar levels but oh where they good bites!    That thing next to it is a paper ornament ball we made at the shower, talk about frustrating!  I got mine all together but did something wrong and it looked oblong or kind of like a heart depending on the angle you looked at it.  Brad carefully pried about a couple of spots and fixed it for me when I got home.  At the very bottom is a Chinese bun our neighbor brought over, just because.  I love getting little packets of goodness out of the blue.
The first half of the week is finished up with some candids I took during the day.  LB really tortures our poor cat.  I feel bad for Mabel, she just can't relax around him.  He's always looking for, chasing, or trying to pet kitty.  She's a pretty good sport considering all that he does to her.  On this day she hadn't smartened up to the fact she needed to get off that ottoman.  He kept putting his face right up to her nose and then laughing.  Once she finally moved he took to doing his other main form of entertainment, rearranging the house.  On this day he was determined to move that rug around and around the house.
On Thursday we had a sunny but cool day so we bundled up and got a few minutes at the park in after bus drop off.  I've been meaning to take a picture of ER doing the monkey bars for weeks but didn't have my camera until this time.  Her stomach peeks out a little bit, so that is blurred a bit.  It's been a big deal for her to master them.  After our friends went in she still wanted to play so we went out to our own backyard for a little bit more play time.  Normally LB just hates that baby swing, but he looked so lonely peering through the slats of the deck that I brought him down to give it another chance.  ER decided to start pushing him and he finally had a fun time on the swing.  He just loves being with her so I told her I give her all the credit for the swing break through.
I got some more bits and pieces onto this half of the week, by keeping the information tag for LB's new jacket.  Compared to our daughter, he's humongous versus her at the same age.  So it always surprises us when he needs such big sizes.  When ER was his age she might have needed an 18mo size around 20mo or so.
I am really excited about this double sided pocket insert.  I think it was a bit of good problem solving on my part.  ER brought home this little note from her teacher.  It doesn't actually say much, it's just got cute graphics and a spot to write her name on it.  But you'd have thought it was million dollars by how excited she was.  I just had to hang onto that for PL!
To make it I cut a piece of paper to fit the slot then cut another piece to make the pocket.  I stapled it twice along the right side.  They are hard to see in the photo above this one due to the glare.  The trick was it's really a double sided pocket and when I stapled this banner paper to make a pocket I also stapled another piece on the backside of the larger white piece of paper.

This pocket opens as shown above.  Since the staples are on the right side I can still remove what's inside the pockets to look at them in the future.  Basically, I have things layered like this banner pocket piece, teacher's note, larger white paper, doctor's note, blue gingham paper.  The last two are visiable from the next week.  If this doesn't make sense, it might make more when you see the otherside in Week 41 below.
Speaking of Week 41...I remembered the dates for this one!  These were cut with my Cricut out of vinyl and put right on top of the page protector.  The vinyl has adhesive on it and the enlarged photo I positioned them over was printed at home.  I find the finish of the glossy ink jet photo paper isn't very forgiving of mistakes when you try to place stickers.  So if I made a mistake I'd have to start all over.  Plus the slight tackiness of the vinyl positioning tape would stick to the printed photo and mare the finish.  Gee that was a long explanation for something most of you probably don't care about!  Sorry I can ramble on.
Here is the entire week 41.  I didn't do photos of each side since I'm showing more details than usual.  You can see the other side of the pocket I discussed above, from Week 40 in the top left corner.
My little guy got sick and was wheezing.  When we took him into the pediatrician she gave him a treatment in the office and we also got him an inhaler.  This is actually my very first experience with one.  You'd have thought all those years in a kindergarten or special ed classroom I'd have run across a student who needed one but I never did.  LB was too fussy to get a picture of him actually using it so I just took a picture of it and used my American Crafts slick writer pen to journal right on top of it.  The information from the doctor is inside of the pocket.
I've been wanting to enlarge a picture like this for the longest time.  It just took me awhile to have a picture that I didn't mind splitting in the middle without doing something like cutting someone's face in half.  In fact, I was so focused on doing the whole large photo in two spaces that I completely overlooked that I could've put this in the spot with the pocket.  Oh well!  I didn't want to put the doctor's paperwork into an insert because while I wanted to keep it, it's not that interesting too look at.  Plus this way Brad trimming our tree is still a focal point.
We were supposed to go to the Zoo Boo on Friday night but it just poured.  Our tickets were nonrefunable so we went down and had dinner to see what the weather would do.  The rain picked up and with LB getting over being sick we didn't want to trick or treat in a downpour.  We headed over to the mall and took the kids to Build A Bear for a special treat.  I think ER was happier this way anyway, she has so many stuffed animals we won't let her get any more so this way she got to add yet another animal to her menagerie of babies.
I don't usually use very many small pictures, so it was fun for me to include three in this spot about the packages that arrived during the week.
On Saturday Brad and ER put together some Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Lego sets while LB napped.  He's going to write a review of each set for his own blog some time in the future.  He's a big fan of both movies and of Legos in general.  Can anyone guess which ones these are?
I think one of my Project Life goals for 2013 is going to be to get more quotes written down that ER says.  I have this cute set of Say What Journaling Cards by Kristina over at One Happy Mama that need to get a lot more use :)  I added ER's real name in the empty spot at the bottom of the speech bubble and it looks so nice and custom.

I'll be linking up with Jessica at The Mom Creative :)

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Fiona said...

Great pages! I love the Lego pictures :) Nice colours, too!

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Great layouts! I love the ornament you made. Super cute.

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