Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Page: Baby Bijorn

Happy day after Easter!  I hope you all celebrated with family and loved ones yesterday.  We were fortunate enough to see both sides of our family without having to dash between houses.  Grandma Norma hosted my family as well, everyone got to see the grandkids, and everyoe was happy. 

This week's Baby Boy Scrapbook Page is another one featuring "The Guys", the last one was of LB sleeping on Daddy and guess what...he's sleeping on Daddy in this one too.  He's just inside of the baby carrier this time.  LB was two pounds heavier than ER was when he was born so we were able to pop him in the Baby Bijorn much sooner.  Since I was the first one to strap it on the first time I let Brad have the honors this time.  Looking back now, it's almost hard to believe my big boy was so little and that when he was born we though he was HUGE!

On this page are several Martha Stewart Crafts baby boy themed papers, all from one paper pad, and a felt coordinating horse sticker.  I used one of my favorite tricks, which might be old fashioned in terms of scrapbook styles, but I've never tired of it, and printed out my journaling on vellum.  I've always liked how it muted the paper below but still allowed you to see it.  I really like the glitter car and three little gems I used for some bling....because boys can have a little sparkle on their pages too, right?

The cluster of pendants with the star in the top corner is a look inspired by Jennifer Gallacher's class The Boys are Back In Town from the October 2012 True Scrap.  True Scrap was an amazing experience, that I am so glad I won a seat in.  It's pretty expensive but it does last all day.  My advice for anyone thinking about doing it, is make sure you are free the days it runs.  Yes you can get replays but you won't get as much as you can out of it if you don't attend the classes as they are going on.  It's the interaction and feedback from the instructors that really made it such a fantastic experience.


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