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Project Life 2013: Weeks 8 & 9

Hello fellow Project Lifers!  I had the pictures taken and edited for last week's Project Life post ready to go but somehow never got around to actually writing the post in time for linking up to The Mom Creative on Tuesday.  By the time I had time to actually do so, I made the executive decision to just wait and do two weeks at once.
The Week of February 17-23 is just one page and an insert with the furniture information sheet we got when we purchased my daughter's new dresser and mirror.  We also got her a new metal frame daybed but there wasn't a flier for that.
The previous week was Valentine week and there was a lot to include with the normal double sided page layout, two inserts for cards, and the left hand side of this spread dedicated to a family dinner.  I was on picture overload so it really worked out for me to just have to worry about one page.  Once upon a time I would've totally freaked out about not having a picture for every since day or enough to make two pages and probably just given up completely.  My fellow PL'ers have really shown me so many ways to adapt PL for real life and I'm so glad!

There were four main stories I wanted to tell this time.  First was more details about the furniture.  In the middle I recorded how LB is becoming more adventurous of an eater and trying to feed himself.  Along the bottom are two ER related memories: the joint Daisy Girl Scout meeting we had on a special day and time with two other troops and of her going to her kindergarten bestie's birthday party.
On to Week 9,  it began with the Oscars and I included what we ate and some thoughts about the awards show itself.  The Oscar statuette card was a freebie from Laura Kate is Crafty.  There was one 5X7 insert this week for the souvenir photo taken of at the Daddy Daughter Dance Brad took ER to on Friday night.  She had a blast and was so excited to finally get to go as we've been out of town or unable to go before now.
All three of the other journaling cards are from Melissa's Retro Journaling Card Freebie and are part of her huge Retro Project Life Kit.  You can find both in this post over at A Vegas Girl at Heart.  They look fantastic printed out. 
We found out that Brad's Grandmother in Missouri passed away this week and I included two pictures from our visit to see her last spring to mark her passing.  Since photographing this page, I've printed out her obituary for the blank spot. 

The top right picture is of LB after he climbed up to be at the table by his big sister.  He wanted to "work" just like her.  On the snow day card I noted that this week was shorter than expected with school being cancelled Wednesday and Thursday for snow and then a power outage.  Friday was already a scheduled day off for a teacher's records day. 

We still had some excitement Friday because LB woke up with a swollen eye and we were back at the doctor's for the second time in one week.  This time he had an eye infection, ear infection, and his croup from Monday had turned into bronchitis. 

The weekend came and ER had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and I had two hours to myself after dropping her off.  I was able to pick up photos at Costco, go to Micheal's for some uninterrupted craft shopping and even grab something for lunch at Potbelly!  The journaling card has been embellished with some other digital supplies but I can't remember the sources anymore.  A card she got from one of the game machines is in one of the 3X4 pockets.

The Wednesday pennant is from this Pennant Photoshop Overlays and Brushes kit, one of Melissa's kits for purchase  The "here's the story" and snowflake journaling card are two more freebie cards I got at A Vegas Girl at Heart from the same Retro Project Life Kit I used on the left hand page.

Thanks for coming by!  I just picked up a large order of pictures and have been able to keep up and get through last week done and in the book.  Have you been able to keep up?  Linking up to Jessica's as usual.


5 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

Wonderful layouts. I love the beautiful furniture.
That new meal looks amazing too! It's always fun to find new recipes!

Stephanie said...

Great pages! I love how much detail you are able to include!

Sandy said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for stopping by my corner to take a peak, and from what I can see we had a bad eye pic in common, lol. I hope your baby's eye is ok too! Love the PL theme you're using and the furniture is just gorgeous...lucky little girl! ;)

I hope we can visit again! said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by at Twosons. Love your pages and how you're successfully combining kits and freebies. And not freeking out about a photo a day, I've also arrived there.

Serena said...

Great layout, I especially love the insert with the furniture information. What brand/type was the insert?

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