Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages: Scrapping Less that Perfect Photos

While pregnant I spent hours looking at all the absolutely stunning newborn baby photography on the web for inspiration.  I envisioned being able to a little mini session or even two with my little lovely soon after he got home.

But that was not to be because I had complications after my C-section that greatly reduced my ability to maneuver about.  Walking up and down the stairs became a challenge let alone rearranging rooms and furniture for the perfect light and picture.

I was still all eagerness to try and even dragged out the fabric I bought specifically to use as a backdrop.  It was super hard to move things and reposition the baby, all while trying to get myself into the right angle.  I did manage to get a few shots that were okay, but no one is ever going to confuse these for professional portraits.  Not that I thought I could ever recreate anything close to all the gorgeous images I pinned on Pinterest but I had hoped for a little better.

Disappointed then, I had thought to delete them from my computer but never got around to purging extra photos.  Now I appreciate them way more and am so glad procrastination paid off for once.  Less than perfect as they are, they still do the main purpose for which they were taken.  They document that itty bitty newborn phase of soft downy hair, tiny fingers and toes, and the curled up position they remember from being inside and to which they revert to so well.  That makes them scrap worthy in my mind.  I hope you enjoyed this week's entry into my blog post series of Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages.


1 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

Oh my goodness. Look at those bitty toes. What a precious layout! I think you did a wonderful job with his photo shoot.

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