Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages: Holding Baby Brother

I just finished this page with three pictures of ER holding LB.  They're over a year old and both of my kiddos look so little to me!  My oldest's chubby cheeks have thinned out a bit, losing some of that oh so cute baby fat.  I love each new phase but it's sad how quickly time moves along!

I think it's really interesting to learn the reasoning behind why other scrappers make certain decisions when putting their pages together and decided it would be fun to discuss my thoughts for this one.  I had been really stumped as to how to go about scrapbooking these photos.  They're similar but I couldn't leave one out, I have reasons for loving each one.  I also was running out of ideas for creating a new page along the general baby boy theme.

My first design cue came from my son's outfit.  I looked through my paper stash for something similar.  The stripes and circle paper strips are actually from one double sided sheet.  I thought they went along with the stripes on LB's outfit, not a match but similar.  The little rocket sticker was one I had been wanting to use but never had anything to put it with.  The colors were close to the paper and seeing them together gave me an idea for creating a sort of picture on the page.

The round paper represents water, the stripes the land, and the journaling at the top the moon.  It's abstract, I know!  To remind me of what I was thinking at the time, I picked a title that follows along my theme to help reinforce it.  The phrase is taken from a favorite children's book but it's a sentiment I think everyone has for their children and one I hope our big sister will always feel for her little brother.
Here's a little detail view of the cool layered stickers.  Don't read the journaling too closely, there's a typo - as always - but it wouldn't be a page of mine if there wasn't one!  See you next week for more Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages!


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Lisa said...

Adorable photos! Those are priceless :)

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