Monday, December 21, 2009

Papercrafting Templates: Stocking Stuffer

Have any of you used templates for papercrafting? I've long been amazed at all the fun things I see in various forums using My Timeless Templates by Laura Meader. Several are for sale at Papertrey Ink, and two can be downloaded for free. I've been wanting to give them a try and recently used Stocking Stuffer to wrap up little treats to give at a recent moms night out with three of my girlfriends.
I am not much of a stamper so I used patterned paper. I wish I could say they were a breeze to put together, but to be honest they were a bit of a hassle to use. It took me awhile to figure things out the first time. Where to score and where to cut weren't labeled and the directions on how to assemble them weren't that clear. Plus the stocking heel and toes didn't seem to quite fit, tweaking had to be done to them. I am wondering if I just had a big learning curve or if anyone else has tried them and had these same issues.
It took longer than I anticipated to put them together so I didn't have time to embellish them the way I'd have liked. I whipped out the hot glue gut to add some trim, it was already out because I used hot glue to add the middle box or bag part between the two stockings. Based on this experience, I wasn't so sure if I'd be paying $5 for another template but...
Laura is in the process of opening a new store: My Time, My Creations. It's not quite up and running but there are a few things available already. I downloaded a free template there, Cutesy Cover and think that their templates may have been improved significantly. Step by step picture instructions are included now. I'm going to try that out soon.
Let me know if there are any papercrafting templates you like. I have always liked the free ones from Mirkwood. There are also several digital templates available, used by hybrid scrappers, I just wonder about their cost effectiveness. It seems you'd use a lot of ink and expensive photo paper when using them, unless you use them as tracers I guess. Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs seem to be the big right now. Plus she's nice too, we're friends on Tip Junkie's NING, so I think I'm most likely to try one hers next. Her blog show lots of fun ways to use them.

Did you notice who had to tag along? The clothespin photo holders and Oreo Bark continue to be a hit! Seriously making big batches of both have really helped me out this year.

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11 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff, Katie! ♥

cindy said...

They might have been persnickety to put together, but boy did they turn out beautiful! I also LOVE that you added the clothespins to the back of them...they look awesome.

Thanks for adding your creativity once again to Mi4M :)

k-e-household said...

I noticed the clothespins! I might have to make those next year...starting in September though! I am still mailing out Christmas cards, so i leave things until the last minute. Love all your crafts.

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

They're really cute! Worth all the effort! ;-)

Unknown said...

Those are great!!! So creative! You did a really nice job on those. :) Thanks so much for linking up!!

LollyChops said...

I am with everyone else... they might have been a tad difficult to get together but they sure came out CUTE!

Merry Christmas Katie!


Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Love it! You are so very creative and crafty!
Thanks for sharing!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

you could do so much with those! Thanks for linking

Christina Lytle said...

your stockings are so cute... I have to say when I made mine it was a lot of cutting and gluing, but the kids really loved them, so it was well worth it!! :)
Thank-you for visiting me!!

Glenda said...

Nice. How did I miss this one. They look great and have so many possibilities. TFS

Glenda said...

Katie for some reason I cannot find the Stocker Stuffer Template. Is there a tutorial for them? Would it be possible for you to pin it or send another way to find these little beauties.
Thanks a million,

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