Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ritz Crackerfuls Review

You know that hunger pang you get in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and the need to find something that will tide you over but is still really satisfying? Whether you're running errands or running to meetings, Ritz Crackerfuls are the perfect snack to keep you satisfied.

Each is made with 6 grams of whole grains and real cheese, so you can feel good about what you are eating and know that it is substantial enough to keep you going until you have time for your next meal. Also, since each is individually wrapped it is perfect to just throw in your bag and go.
We got the Classic Cheddar and Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Crackerfuls varieties to sample and I and can say from personal experience, these really do the trick! Our boxes arrived just in time, we happened to already have a package of Classic Cheddar and we'd just run out.

They are ER's new favorite snack. You can see from the picture above that the Crackerfuls are a good size. If you pair them with some fruit they make a really substantial snack that's easy for me to take with us to the park or while out on errands. We're now on our third box of that flavor; it's hard to keep them on hand because she wants them all the time!

I've been enjoying the Cheddar Cheese & Bacon, which I'll admit I was kinda hesistant to try at first. It sounded kind of odd to me, but I really like them and now prefer them to the Classic Cheddar. They are a bit more savory tasting and the bacon flavor is subtle, not at all overpowering. I love the combination of the crunch of the cracker combined with the creamy cheese filling.

I know I should be chosing raw veggies or fruit, but I don't. I feel that Crackerfuls are a lot better snack that what I usually end up with; they've stopped me from resorting to the drive through on the way home from errands or from picking up a calorie laden sugary drink. Neither of which fit into my diabetic meal plan, at about one serving of carbohydrates, these do. They are so easy to grab last minute as we rush out the door.
Ritz Crackerfuls includes 4 varieties: Garlic Herb, Four Cheese, Classic Cheddar and their new Cheddar Cheese & Bacon.

Ritz Crackers has a $1 off coupon for the new variety on their Facebook Page for a limited time. This coupon offer is good through August 31, 2010 or up to just over 33k coupon prints.

We've tried two out of the four Crackerfuls varieties and can't wait to try the rest. I think I'll pick up the Garlic Herb next. Those sound great!


Disclaimer: I received free product samples to facilitate this review and by posting I will be eligible for a gift card via random drawing by One2One Network. This post relates my own personal and unbiased opinions of this product and yours may differ.

2 Friends Said:

LollyChops said...

These sound awesome! I will have to snag that coupon and give them a try!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Yummy! My girls would love these (their mama would too)

And...yes, I would love it if you featured my art supply lists or projects on ABC and 123 Whatever you'd like to use would be great -- feel free to use my photos in the post too as long as you link back to me!

Thanks Katie!

pink and green mama

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