Friday, June 4, 2010

Washington Park Beach

After our visit to the zoo, we just crossed the parking lot and were at the beach! I thought it would be way too cold to get in the water and that ER would play happily in the sand. After all, last year she was too scared to go in because the waves were too high.Wrong! Turns out we should've grabbed her swim vest from the car before heading down. What a difference a year makes, this time ER had no such misgivings. She hopped right in and happily carried bucket after bucket of water back and forth, back and forth. She dug a huge pit, covered Daddy's toes up with sand, and even made sand angels. Yeah, still trying to get all of the embeded sand out!
While she was mainly content to play on the sand, she did want to splash a little bit. Brad will often take her in, but since ER was the only in a bathing suit on and I had the shortest shorts on (darn it I knew I should've worn capris), I got to do it this time. The water was on the brisk side, very refreshing!
Here's my brother Dave relaxin', he's the reason we had to go now even though my Dad's birthday isn't until November. New job and being the low man in senority means everyone can outbid him on vacation requests. But of course we wanted him along, he missed out on Grand Haven (click for post 1, 2. and 3) last year. So we went, when we could!


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2 Friends Said:

Jennifer said...

Looks like ER is having a BLAST!!!! And good luck with getting all that sand out! LOL!

Have a great weekend!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

i'm still sad that you were only 40 min away from me and we couldnt meet up:(

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