Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fun: Slip and Slide

I can't get over how big ER looks in this picture! She looks so mature and grown up! Good thing I know only a little bit ago, this is what we'd been having fun doing!
Slip and slide fun at Grammy and Papa's! This is not the old yellow version from my childhood by any means. Shooting water, a big basin of water, and bright pink color with everyone's favorite cartoon character mean that everything's been updated!
Now if only ER could figure out how to actually slip and slide on it, LOL! She certainly had a lot of fun crawling down and running around and around so that's all that matters. Maybe it's for the best she can't yet, do you remember coming home from a long day on the slip and slide with a sore tummy from flopping yourself down on it? I sure do!

Later on she got her towel all wet by dunking it in the pool at the end. Then she tried to put it on each of us and used it to "clean" Grammy's feet. For those of you now wondering, Grammy's feet were clean and her toe nails nicely polished so she wasn't trying to send a message or anything.
I never finished sharing the Father's Day pictures from last weekend. Here is ER and my Dad, whom she calls Papa, in my parents' back garden.
My mom and ER on their deck and one with Uncle Dave on our way out. She's doing a dance pose, ever since the recital pictures she wants to be a ballerina everytime I pick up the camera. Have a great weekend! ER and I are going to be very busy if all goes to plan, with a birthday party, kindergarten graduation, and a church picnic. Brad is planning on adding vents to the basement plans he's drawing up so he'll be missing a lot of it.


3 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

Doesn't it seem like they grow up overnight? ER is beautiful, and it looks like she thoroughly enjoys having extended family around!

Natalie A. said...

ER is definitely beautiful! Wow! Good luck with everything this weekend! It sounds like you'll be very busy!

Alicia said...

Hey thats the stuff I saw at my Gymboree!!!
Can you add the first photo to Shutterfly so I can get copies???
She is looking so grown up. It seems like it was just yesterday when she made her first to my old house & here we are almost 3 years later!!!

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