Friday, March 25, 2011

My New Baby Bag by Vera Bradley

Look what my Godmother gave me for my birthday, a Baby Bag from Vera Bradley in Imperial Toile! This is the pattern I really wanted one in because it's still girly but not overly so but also neutral enough for me to carry most days. I have a bucket tote in the same pattern and love it.

I like how Vera's Baby Bag design is a little longer in length and not as deep as the ones I carried with ER. That means I won't have to dig through layers and layers of stuff to find what I need, which always seemed to be on the very bottom! The pockets are wonderful and the only thing I wish it had was an inside zippered pocket, other than that, it's perfect! I know it's going to be my go to bag for the new baby.

In other Vera news, the summer colors have hit the stores, I'm excited to see Watercolor and Viva la Vera. I certainly don't NEED anything, but am interested in the Pocket Cosmetic. I like the inside mesh pockets and am hoping it will be the right size for holding my diabetic testing supplies. The pockets should be a nice way to keep the different components organized instead of in a big jumble.


Photo courtesy of the Vera Bradly site.

4 Friends Said:

Glenda said...

That is beautiful Katie. We just bought Toile curtains in black and white for our bedroom. I am watching for fat quarters to make a quilt for our bed with Toile. I just love the colors.

Tara said...

A new baby bag is something I have to buy this go around. Love toile and was planning the nursery around it but not paying $400-1300 for it. The fabric to do yourself is still expensive so I'm going with something else. Great bag!

Jenny said...

I love it! I'm thinking of getting the Alice in Watercolor. My current one didn't hold up well, but I still love the style of it.

I had several favorite diaper bags: Skip Hop Duo and JuJuBe Be Smart.

kt moxie said...

My purse is a Vera in the same pattern! Love it!

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