Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Week of School

We made it through the first week of Kindergarten!  Isn't my big girl super cute in her special blue outfit picked out for the first day?  We always take a picture on our front porch with her school bag, here is last year and the very first first day of school, when she started 3 Year Old Preschool.   I can't believe how tall she's gotten and how she's lost the little girl chubbiness!

Last Wednesday she was so funny as we got ready, picking out just the right accessory for her hair, "Mommy, it's has to match!"  She wasn't too happy with having to cover up her pretty music print dress up with the raincoat.  Brad came home early for lunch and the four of us walked down the block together to our bus stop.  The day was overcast and rainy so we had to wait in a drizzle for it to arrive.  But no other drops were in evidence, no tears were shed, not by the five year old or the thirty-four year old!

Our little neighbor friend was in her preschool class last year and this year they're together again.  I'm thankful that they both get on and off the bus together and will head to the same room.  I was nervous about ER riding the bus even though it's only a few blocks.   We've been watching all the "big kids" get on and off at the park in our subdivision for years.  She's been looking forward to it so much that I knew there was no way I could not let her ride the bus. 

The kids on our block are all really good and watch out for each other. She had several older siblings looking for her and they've all been making sure she gets on the bus and off at the right stop. In fact, she's beginning to be annoyed by all their care and told me on Friday that she is not a baby and can do it by herself.  She knows exactly where her house is and doesn't need me to meet her at the bus.  Then she walked in front of me, not turning around, to prove it.  I'm certainly not going to stop taking her to and from the bus any time soon but it really made me thing, wow she's growing up so fast!

After our little kindergarteners climbed up the big steps of the bus, and gosh did they look little next to the bus, we jumped into our cars and beat them to the bus loop at school.  My neighbor drove me, while Brad watched LB at home, and both our kiddos were shocked to see us when they got off.  They walked by with the other students and the principal and I waved to ER. 

I think I'm already turning into the embarrassing parent, because she gave me "the look" and then pulled her hood farther over her head, LOL!  That's what it looked like at least, she told me after school that she pulled the hood up because she was afraid I'd be mad her bow was getting wet.  Hmm...not sure which interpretation to believe but she had me and the other parents laughing.  We went into the school to peek into the classroom and saw them head off to gym class before going home.

I've gotten a little bit out of her about class itself. They begin each day with their special. Monday is Book Club, which is like storytime in the libray. Tuesday and Wednesday they have gym class, Thursday is art and Friday is music. Last week they had choice time when they came back to class followed by circle time and snack. After that she got a little vague about what happened. There should be a recess some where in there but it rained all last week so no one went outside.

She talked quite a lot about all the different rules at the specials and how the gym teacher used her as an example of how NOT to dress for gym. I thought maybe she was upset but she was excited to be chosen for this "honor". Mainly he was pointing out why you shouldn't wear a dress or Crocs. The other big thing to remember is never ever go into the supply room without being told to by the gym teacher. Because if you do and something falls on you, you could be squashed FLAT! I wish you could've all seen and heard her telling us about that, she got quite animated and clapped her hands together for FLAT.

In art the class made a book and is working on collages to put inside. She informed me that a collage is, "When you stick a bunch of stuff together on a piece of paper. It's supposed to look like something, but I don't know what. Mommy, I didn't like to ask her. I know if it doesn't look like what it's supposed to, you'll like it anyway. Cause your Mommy and it's required or something like that. And I know it will go up on fridge anyway."

The third highlight she spent a lot of time telling me was about meeting their teacher's special friend, he's a racoon and there's a book about him. I asked her if it was The Kissing Hand and she went all quiet and got a shocked look on her face, "How did you KNOW?!!!" Ah it's good to still be able to impress your child as an all knowing parent! I explained to her that when I taught kindergarten I used to read that story on the very first day of school to my new students. She thought that was very neat and I think my coolness factor in her eyes went up a couple of notches. Good to be cool to someone!

She has also been taught a new little song that she sings like a broken record:

Tootsie roll, lollipop
We were talking
Now lets stop!

I told her I hope she follows what the words to that tune mean a lot better at school then at home. Because she's been belting that out and talking a mile a minute afterward! Oh yes and just yesterday she informed me she's learned one thing so far. The letter D says /d/. I have to say it's been rather amusing for this former kindergarten teacher to hear about kindergarten from the kindergartener. Makes me wonder what my students used to say about class time!


Credits: Louise Franks Designs: School Rules Mini Kit, Flowers from Carnival, Star & Ric Rac from Playful, Button from Be Inspired, and letter from Fabulous Fall

7 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

That is all too funny! LOL about her being embarrassed about you showing up at school. That's great that the neighbor kids look out for the young ones.

Also, I think it's hilarious that she was so happy to be picked as the example of how NOT to dress for gym. LOL!

MaryAnne said...

This is such a fun post! It's so strange to see our girls all "grown up" as kindergartners, isn't it!

I've been walking Emma and her friend to school. I make them hold hands to cross the street, and they both make a HUGE deal out of it. AND they always have to walk ahead of me and Lily! So cool!

I love ER's "Cause you're Mommy and it's required or something" quote! Too funny!!!

Tara said...

This was awesome and I loved reading it all! Sounds like she is going to have a great year as long as the big kids allow her to be independent, mom doesn't show up every day and she stays out of that supply room!! Too bad you didn't get her recap on video...she would have gotten a kick out of that in the future.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

She is so adorable!! And she is correct, the accessories have to C's class read The Kissing Hand too their first week and did a little art project with it. Sounds like ER loves her school...yay!

My Diabetic Sweet Life said...

Aw bless isn't she just the cutest?! I can't believe how much she's grown compared to last year's pic! Sounds like she's getting on well there - here's hoping she does well and have lots of fun too xxx

PS - just sent you a link to my fairytale themed kit :)

RoS said...

Love this post. Think I'll print it out and put it in a scrapbook I'm keeping!

Anonymous said...

Awww I hope she enjoys kindergarten. Zoe is loving preschool and Gavyn is really enjoying 4th grade, not homework every night though! They grow up so fast I am that embarrassing parent still with Gav:(

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