Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAM Baby Product Review

It's been five years since the last time we had a baby in the house and there's been a lot of changes in baby products since then.  Oral baby care products are ones you can't pass on and we'd been concerned about the bottles we'd had previously.  So we were starting all over and with so many choices, deciding on types of pacifiers and bottles can be overwhelming.  I was so excited to get a chance to try a selection of baby care products from MAM, a trusted brand for over 25 years. 
Our last child wouldn't take a pacifier, and I used to be so envious of other parents at the store as they'd push their baby quietly sucking theirs by in a cart.  My baby was usually crying at the top of her lungs and they'd give my sympathetic glances as they went.  I was really hoping LB would take one and he loves his MAM Perfect pacifier.  I could not be happier!

One concern I had with pacifiers five years ago, and the reason we didn't try too hard to get ER to use on before, was jaw and tooth development being affected.  I don't have to worry about that with MAM pacifiers because the anatomically correct nipple design lets LB calm himself with sucking while maintaining proper alignment.  The nipple will adapt to his mouth so it's always in the right position and I can also have size choices so that it's the most comfortable fit for his mouth as he grows.  I also like that the design won't block airways and that there isn't too much surface to rub against his sensitive skin.  

LB is using his MAM Perfect in the picture above, along with one of my favorite products we received for this review.  The MAM Twist Clip is great because a pacifier only helps if you can get it to stay in baby's mouth and that was a major problem the first few times we tried a pacifier with LB.  It's really easy to use, just snap the pacifier into the transparent ring.  You turn the wheel to the left to open the clip and turn it to the right to close.  We haven't had any issues with the pacifier getting droped on the floor since we started using it with the clip.

We also got a MAM clip & Nipple Cover, which is great for when you are heading out and need to throw a pacifier and clip into the diaper bag.  The clip can be attached with one hand and there's a nipple cover incorporated into the design, so I don't have to stop to grab a baggy to put it all in before packing in my bag.  I love having one less thing to worry about while trying to get out the door, see a picture of it here.

Besides the MAM Perfect, we also got a set of MAM Night pacifiers. It's a little early to use them because their nipple is designed for 6+ months, but I think they'll be quite handy as they glow in the dark.  It shoud be easy to find one in his crib when we go in for feedings and to check on LB during the night.  This set also comes packaged in a great reusable box that can be sterilized and used to carry up to two soothers.  I am definitely planning to continue using MAM pacifiers and accessories, purchasing more as needed.

Most of the time I don't use bottles, as we're breastfeeding.  However, some places are just not conducive to it, like when we were at the local fair all afternoon.  It was crowded and hot outside, with no where remotely private or good to sit down.  There's also times when a family member wants to feed LB.

I've got a great breast pump, but needed some new bottles.  We got an 8oz. anti-colic bottle to use.  First impressions, it's really cute!  To be honest one bottle to the next really seems pretty much the same to me. I rely on reading the information from each manufacter to learn more about its features.  All I know is that when I gave LB some pumped milk in the anti-coli bottle, he sucked it all down and then took a long nap.  In my book, that makes it a winner!

Here is what MAM has to say about their bottles:

Its vented base has small air holes and a silicone seal that allows for maximum air flow in while still preventing milk from leaking out. The vented base ensures controlled milk flow by balancing air pressure inside the bottle. Liquid is also pushed towards the nipple allowing it to retain its shape and preventing it from collapsing. All Anti-Colic bottles use MAM’s patented ultra soft silicone™ nipple. Transitioning from breast to bottle is simple because MAM ultra soft silicone™ nipples feel most like mom's breast.

All MAM bottles and training cups are CPSIA compliant and completely Baby Safe; BPA-free, Lead-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free.  Here is a short video that'll tell you more about the bottles features, including the different layers that can be taken apart and how to reassemble for self-sterilization in the microwave. It's pretty neat and one of the biggest draws for me to continue using these bottles. 

The last product I'll be including in this review is the Oral Care Rabbit and it helps me with an area I'll admit to being somewhat lax with our first baby.  You use it clean your baby's mouth, first by massaging his gums and then teeth to remove bacteria and get him used to a regular oral care routine.  .

With ER I would use a wash cloth from time to time, but have to admit this is a lot easier to use.  For one, the shape is much better designed for getting into little mouths.  You slip your fingers into the bunny ears so you fingers are a little bit more protected for when he bites down on them. There is also less excess fabric inside his mouth as I try to move around to clean.    The Oral Care Rabbit is easy to clean in the machine or with warm water and can be sterilized so you can use it for a long time.

We really enjoyed learning about and trying out MAM products!  We also received some teething products from MAM and will let you know what we think of those, when it's appropriate for LB to begin using them.  Find out more about MAM and their products on their website, Facebook page, and by following their tweet on Twitter.


Disclosure: Complimentary review products were provided via Team Mom.  The experiences and opinions related within are personal and unbiased by this relationship.  No other compensation was received.

3 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

MAM was the only brand of baby bottle Emma ever showed any interest in - and we used a yellow bunny cloth to brush her teeth just like your blue one. Love that company!

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

We love our MAM pacis! I found the MAM night pacis in the 2 month + style at Babies R Us and I am a huge fan! They glow pretty much the whole night, so they're easy to find in a hurry.

gigi123 said...

Thanks for this review, I'll definitely be on the look out for their products when I'm out at Babies R us.

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