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Project Life 2013: February 10-16

This week's Project Life post is longer than usual because it includes Valentine's Day and has three inserts, two with my daughter's classroom cards tucked inside.  Here is the entire week's spread in my album.
I'd been saving a scrap of this really pretty glittery heart paper and there was just enough to use as my week title card.  Next to it is an iPhone picture of E on one of our last minute trips to the craft store.  I just noted that while we are at Micheal's, the circle sticker is from their competitor Joann's.  It's a little Basic Grey and while I'm not usually a BG girl I went crazy for the Hey Girl!, Hey Boy!, and Hey You! lines they've got their right now.

In the middle are some very dark and far from perfect pictures I took in a hurry of E's room after a big clean up.  It was a huge mess, seriously you couldn't see parts of the floor!  There had been a big influx of things at the holidays and we hadn't taken the time to find new places for everything.  It was so good to finally do a reorganization.

If you are from Michigan you might have heard of how we celebrate Fat Tuesday.  We all eat paczkis, which are heavy filled donut like Polish pastries.  I think it's a Michigan thing or at least a regional Midwestern thing.  When Brad and I lived in CA and NM no one had heard of them and didn't know of the tradition we grew up with.  We really missed them and always felt something was missing at the beginning of Lent season.  Now that we're back we've discovered a really good local source and introduced the little guy to them this year.  We didn't give him the traditional prune filled ones but he sure liked the cream ones!

The last picture is of E with a Valentine package her Godmother sent her.  She really loved it and we painted her nails with the glittery purple polish right away. 
Next to the first page is a half page insert.  Shown above, the front is on the left and the back on the right.  Since Valentine's Day took up so much room this week I decided to place all the pictures and memorabilia related to it at the end.  I used the front half of the insert for anything that happened this week either before or after Valentine's.

At the top are pictures from a Daisy meeting, the girls are showing team work to get up from the floor with arms linked.  Underneath is my son successfully drinking from a straw for the first time while at our early Valentine dinner out.  My husband hates crowds, especially with kids so we go out the night before.  It's still busy but not as bad, we let E choose the restaurant and she picked the Olive Garden.  The bottom has two pictures from that Friday, E had the day off of school and we just hung out.

The back of the first insert has pictures from ER's Valentine party at school.  I went in and volunteered at it and we had a lot of fun eating ice cream and doing crafts.  At the bottom she's holding her heart pocket filled with cards from classmates.
Last year I included all of ER's cards from school but I wasn't going to this time.  I mean how long can you keep this kind of stuff, right?  But then one night shortly before I put these together I was looking at last year's albums with her.  As we turned to the page of Valentine cards she turned to me and said, "I love this page Mommy, it's one of my favorites.  Did you add my cards from this year yet?"  Well what could I do after being asked so sweetly.  In they went.
Last year her class was smaller and all of them fit into one insert,  This year she has 25 kids in her class so we needed a baseball card holder for the smaller ones and a Design F to hold all of them.  They took up a lot of real estate in the binder but it's better to have them all here then scattered around her room getting folded and torn. Most of the pockets have one card in them so she can read the little signatures on the back.
The week ends with a second Design F with our pictures from the 14th.  I used some horded glitter Valentine stickers and cute cards all cut from the same 12X12 sheet of paper.  I can't remember the company or I'd link it.

The entire backside of this insert is devoted to a family dinner we had with my God family that Saturday but I decided to keep it private because I'd have to blur so many faces.  It was one fun week!  Did you notice I think I may have figured out a good way to photograph my PL pages?  Only took more than a year of taking pictures and sharing but I think this way is a greatly improved over the way I used to.

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2 Friends Said:

cat said...

Love your pages and wow, that is a lot of Valentines cards to hold.

Craftcherry said...

Beautiful layouts. Love all the Valentine's. The years of getting those don't last too long. It will be a sweet memento for her to have.

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