Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages: Pre-Making A Quick & Easy Page

Before I had LB I put together several quick page layouts with a generic baby boy theme to have on hand ready for some of the many pictures I knew I would take during those early days when time to actually scrapbook would be slim to non-existent.
I think this one is a bit old school style, but it's fairly simple and some time that's all you need.  The stickers all came from one package so they coordinate, no thinking there!  I picked bold colors for most of the mats so I backed them on white cardstock, but if I did it again I might use one with a very subtle design.  But it's not important enough for me to go back and change things.
The title "What a Cutie" was supposed to be a sticker but somewhere along the line it came off and I lost it.  I do plan to redo the title, I did it quickly in Word but will do it next time in PSE so I can adjust the amount of space between the lines of text.  There's too much for my taste and I tried a wait and live with it for awhile but have decided it's a quick enough change that I should just do it.

That's this week's entry into my Baby Boy Scrapbook Pages Series.  I'd love to know, have you ever created pages ahead of time, without the pictures, for use later?  If so, as usual, link me up in the comments to any examples or whatever pages you've been working on so I can visit and see yours too!


1 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

Such a sweet page. I love the colors.
The only time I've made pages ahead is when I made a baby album for one of my best friends. She loved how easy and stress free it was. I never know what I'm going to do until I have the pictures in front of me.

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