Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project Life 2013: March 17-23

This was the week leading up to Easter and half the spread is about our Easter festivities with our good friends.  Their two daughters and ER have grown up together and Margaret is LB's Godmother.  I tried stamping the title card, which is always hit or miss for me. I think I picked too light of an ink color and may redo it.  I had already done it three times and this was the best versions so I was at a just get it done point when putting this together.  Now I also see the dates are off grrrr....! 
I actually got to see a lot of Margaret that week, since we went out earlier for my birthday dinner.  Yummy Italian food at Bravo! is always a nice night out!  There's a lot of iPhone pictures on this half, only the ones taken at the birthday party ER went to on Sunday were taken with the "big" camera.  The others are a selfie after getting a hair cut, a funny moment with LB as he's been doing this funny yoga like pose a lot lately, and ER at Religious Ed. 
More snow, ugh!  Loving the text right on the photo, seeing that more and more on my own and other PLer's pages.  Then on to happier things with pictures from our Easter get together.  We tried to go low key since both families are so busy. 

We did a little egg hunt, I got to plan that and assigned each child a color.  That worked out really well as the older girls had to really look!   I made an effort to include some non-edible treats inside, you can read about them here and here.

We ate out at Pei-Wei where everyone was happy and no kiddos (aka picky eaters) could complain and then had an awesome egg shaped cake from a really good bakery they live by.  The adorable bunny breads were Pinterest inspired and delish!

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2 Friends Said:

Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife said...

Great layout Katie...i'm really loving plain text on top of photos too. Love how the space next to the shot of your house seems made for some journaling!

Craftcherry said...

What a fun week. The picture of your home with the journaling is really wonderful.
Love the Easter cake too. Yum!

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