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Kidecals Review: Delightfully Versatile & Crazy Durable Labels

Between school and all my daughter's activities sometimes I feel we are running all the time.  Each activity invariably has it's own collection of things that need to be brought each time.  We have two sets of dance shoes, numerous bags and totes, lunchboxes, drink bottles, binders, and more.  It's so easy for all this kind of stuff to get mixed up with everyone else's.
How does one manage to keep track of one's belongings?  Labels of course, but not just any label will do!  It's got to be waterproof, scratch proof, washable, and super durable - because it's not going to be much help if it's constantly coming off!  It helps if they can be really cute too, doesn't it?

That's where delightfully versatile and crazy durable kidecals come in.  There are so many choices that it's hard to narrow down which one is perfect for your kiddo.  It's really helpful that has categories so you search by gender, age, usage, and style.  The site is very easy to navigate and find just what you need.
We decided to order the Blast Off design for our little guy for this review.  It's little boyish but is also cool enough to be used as he gets a little older.  I was torn between this one and Robot Ready, but chose it because I liked how it had space to add a phone number.  My thinking was that if something was misplaced it was best to have a way to reach us.
There are currently three ordering options, shown above.  The Mega Set ($28) has 72 labels/24 two inch labels and 48 one inch labels and is the largest package.  The Everyday Set ($21) has 36 labels/12 two inch labels and 24 one inch labels.  The Mini Set ($21) has 66 one inch labels.

I requested the Everyday Set for this review because I wanted a variety of sizes to use.  Now that I have seen the excellent quality of the kidecals labels I would definitely recommend that you order the Mega Set.  It's a great value because for just $7 more dollars you get twice the number of labels than the Everyday Set.  Your going to need that many, once you see the labels you will want to stick them on everything!  They are so colorful, fun, and useful!  I really like the super shiny finish.
There are so places to stick your labels, the one inch labels are perfect for shoes and boots.  In kindergarten my daughter had the same pair of boots as several other girls.  They were constantly getting mixed up.  A couple of kidecals stuck right inside would've fixed that!  I also think they are the perfect way to make sure size all the jackets, sweaters, and hoodies my daughter wears and is constantly leaving about make it back home.
The larger two inch labels are perfect for things like the lunchbox above, when you want to be able to see at a quick glance which one is yours.  I have been really pleased by the variety of surfaces you can use any of the kidecals on because they're dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe.  I've washed the hooded sweatshirt my soon to be two year old son wears as a jacket several times and the label inside looks as perfect as it did the day we stuck it on. 
Kidecals have a wide variety of labels available for all ages, from newborn to tween and even parents.  I especially like their DIY and Gift labels and their really fun Keycals, which go over your computer's keyboard.  They are neat way to personalize your workspace. There is a style perfect for anyone.  Go check them out!

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Disclosure:A complimentary set of kidecals was provided for this review.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased. Photos and images courtesy of the sponsor. 

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Mike Howell said...

This is an interesting product, and I can see using it. Thanks for sharing.

***Sharon*** said...

I knew you had done a review on some labels! Found your blog entry, referred a friend and she is ordering!!! Thanks for the awesome review! :)

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