Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project LIfe 2013: Week of March 24-30 + Easter Sunday

My Project Life weeks go from Saturday to Sunday, which works for me most of the time but Easter and our plans for Spring Break threw things out of whack for both making up my pages and sharing here.  Easter is a big enough event to have it own spread, so it does and it's below.  Spring Break is usually packed and this was no different because we took a trip down to Missouri for Brad's Grandmother's burial and memorial service.  It would've been tough to fit Easter in one spread along with Spring Break. So Easter comes right after this spread, as I mentioned before, and then Spring Break is on it's own packed spread after that.  I'll start sharing this busy time with two spreads at once.
The week leading up to Easter is mainly on this half, my Blush core kit from HSN had arrived - YAY!!! and the digital version of Holidays Mini Kit had been released so I had fun using my new goodies.

This half mainly little moments, one of things I love best about PL.  There's so many things that you want to record but that don't need their own traditional scrapbook page.  My favorite on this page is of LB and him being silly drinking from his sippy cup from inside a plastic container.  I also have bits about recipes we tried - one thumbs up and one thumbs down, a scarf review, Daisy Scout activity, and a nice sunny day.  ER had a play date on a day off of school and I used one digital card to journal about coffee talk with neighbors while LB naps and the kids are at school.  
The Saturday before Easter our town puts on an Easter egg hunt that's within walking distance from our house and we love that!  The kids go crazy and ER isn't aggressive enough to really grab all that much but she enjoys it nonetheless.  There's also face painting, bunnies to pet, and the Easter bunny makes an appearance.  We saw friends we hadn't caught up with for awhile, always nice!  LB was so not into the hunt, he is more of an observer at this time.  But both kids liked our tradition of stopping for ice cream on the way home.
Here is Easter Sunday.  I used some of the digital Honey cards to add journaling to my collages of the kids at home with their baskets before church.
The rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory, the kind we take every year - of the kids hunting for eggs, standard family pictures, etc.  There wasn't much need for too much writing.
The stickers I used are like printed plastic and really sturdy so I put some right on top of the page protectors. A couple details were included on the card more for far in the future since I'll certainly remember the basics from this happy time.

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Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife said...

Great layouts Katie. Really love how many photographs you've included. So many happy faces, that are no doubt very special to you.

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