Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life 2013: March 10-16

The Week of March 10-16 was BUSY!  I had my birthday and we moved our kid's rooms around as my daughter's big girl furniture was delivered.  I had a lot of pictures I wanted to include.  So instead of trying to cram too much in and have lots of inserts, it was easiest for me to cut my week short and show just March 10-14 on my spread.

The Friday of that week was the 15th and has an entire page devoted to pictures of ER's room before and after the toddler bed was moved out.  I KNOW, she's going on seven and was still in a toddler bed!  She's petite so it all worked out.  March 16th is also an entire page because with pictures from celebrating my birthday with my MIL Grandma Norma.  These events are both on the following spread after this one in my book.
Moving onto the days I did include, 10th-14th.  We started out with a really fun lunch and crafty shopping outing with my daughter.  Now that we have our little guy, I like to make a point of having time devoted to just her.  Next to that are pictures of LB in the big tub for the first time.  He is resistant to change, so right after he insisted on climbing back into the baby tub.  Along the bottom are pictures from when our Daisy troop did our World Thinking Day activity. The last photo collage is from my birthday dinner.
The second half of the spread has detail pictures with the various things my husband did to make my birthday special and the many sweet treats I indulged in.  The leopard birthday girl card was made out of the birthday card Vera Bradley sent me, it was so cute I had to incorporate it.  The pink polka dot is a Blush filler card that I added a sticker to.  Along the bottom are some silly fun pictures of me and LB and then a collage of him before we change up his room.
I had a lot of pictures documenting the changes in our kid's rooms and celebrating my birthday with my MIL Grandma Norma.  Rather than try to squeeze them in or use a bunch of inserts, I opted to put March 15 on the left and March 16 on the right on their own spread in my Project Life album.
I'm having a hard time accepting my baby is growing up and I hate change even though I am fine once it's all done.  I took a ton of pictures of ER's room with the baby furniture still in it so we'd remember this stage of her life.  The other big news was trying to change LB over to a toddler bed.  Since he's a climber our pediatrician suggested we skip the crib and go right into the lowered bed.  Turns out he hates change too!  It was too much moving him into a new room and bed.  Daddy ended up having to change it back into a crib and he finally got out of the co-sleeper.
On Saturday we went over to my MIL's for Chinese take out from my favorite hole in the wall place from the old neighborhood.  ER was very happy with that choice for food, she loves it.  Norma gave me some great gifts, like the new Vera Bradley bag I really wanted and a gift card to J.Jill.

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6 Friends Said:

Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife said...

Really lovely layout Katie. You've captured so many great moments there.

Candace said...

love the collage photo inserts

Vicki said...

Wow! I love all your photos--and I love that you took some pictures of your gifts--what a great idea! I am definitely going to steal that idea! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Great layouts! I love how you're able to fit in so much detail without it looking too crowded.

Craftcherry said...

Great layouts! I really liked how you documented your birthday.

Lisa said...

I love that you do this! It's so nice to be able to look back at the details of what you did.

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