Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Picture Perfect Silliness

Brrr...we just got back from dinner at the local Big Boy, where our dinners helped raise money for our school's special education music therapy program. Doing a good deed never tasted so great, and the place was packed. BTW: Brad says his scruffy appearance isn't due to laziness, it's his play-off beard. He'll shave it when the Detroit Lions win the Superbowl. Guess he'll be rockin' the Rip Van Winkle look for quite awhile!
Yesterday I posted a link about free Valentine's photo cards; today I tried to take the "perfect" picture. Why is it when you really want to capture a great one, your kiddo gets all silly. She's very much into the hoodies these days, so when I wanted to get her dolled up in a dress this morning, she absolutely refused. Honestly, the limbs all turned to jelly! Okay so battle one to child, put her in warm hoodie outfit. Tried several times to get a picture, results: all pictures with eyes closed or tongue out. Nice, round two to child. Figured tonight before dinner was my last chance. Talked to her about it as we got ready for nap. She agreed to smile pretty after nap time. She actually took a two and a half hour nap, round three to Mom. Got up, brushed teeth, and ready to go for dinner. I'm thinking okay, pick my battles. The outfit is cute, try to get her to put the hood down, and the graphic on the card will get the idea across. Don't worry about a filly girly dress. What will my child NOT do without tonight, and keep in mind it's 100% dark outside, her sunglasses- of course! Please note extremely big smile, match point to kiddo. We'll try again tomorrow, cause I've got a few more days to get it but I'll add this one did come out cute, even if it's not what I expected!
Here's some more silliness I thought I should add, although it happened yesterday. I think this is one of the time honored events in childhood. Pulling the toilet paper down, why should my child be any different? She's got a big grin, and is jumping with excitement - which is why it's slightly out of focus. What fun.
Some fun for me! Cathie at Just Something I Made, a blog I follow, has just helped me add an email gadget to my blog, whoohoo! She's got simple instructions on her blog and has some cute email graphics you can use. There was even one with a little birdie on it, perfect for me! Or do you think the blue with black border would be better? The blue matches the blue of the bird on my header but I thought the black seemed out of place. Anyway, if you've been wanting to add this, check out her post here. Peruse her blog while you're there too, if you'd like some inspiration with a vintage flair. Can't believe the things she does with clip art books and a scanner!

6 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

ER is such a cutie! Kids and toilet paper what is up with that? I used to have to put the roll on a shelf, the kids would always make a mess.

Oh and your Hubby is gonna look like Santa Claus if he is waiting for the Detroit Lions.


What a honey bunny she is.

I love the email button!

Major huge CONGRATS on your Tip Junkie feature!!! WOOT!

Alicia said...

So proud of you!!!! I love little Miss E's fabulous photos!!!!!!!!

Jessica Rodarte said...

love the silly pictures!! she is so sweet even if she is unrolling the toilet paper! *giggle*

k-e-household said...

you could use the toilet paper pic for your v-day card, she's wearing pink and being mischievous!

Ms Muffin said...

Hihi, this is so funny. When you commented on my blog and said that you have an email-button, too - I did not realize that you actually used the same tutorial to add it! I find this somehow funny. Blogging world doesn't seem to be that big after all ... :-)

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