Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally, A Nap!

The last week or so has been tough for me, as ER has been fighting her nap and more often than not going without one or she takes so long to fall asleep that she only naps for half an hour or so before I have to wake her up. I don't like to let her sleep longer than six o'clock because any later and that makes bedtime rough going. I know that she might be out growing her need for a nap as she's two and half, but please God don't let this be the case, I need her to nap for my own sanity! The hubby and I know she still needs one as on days she doesn't take a rest, she's a bear to deal with come seven-thirty/eight at night. Then she's awful until her ten o'clock bedtime. Putting her to bed earlier doesn't work either as that totally messes up her routine and makes her very grouchy. All I can say, is now that the week has progressed and we've gotten back into the swing of things and all our weekly events have started up again...maybe, just maybe she's back on track. Cause as I type this, she's blissfully slumbering away with Mr. Lion tucked under her arm. Ah the best part of any SAHM's day, naptime has been preserved.

1 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

Oh, Keep going with those naps for another 6 months. You are so right, we need that time. I too have another 6 months to go before my daughter starts to give me a hard time. 3 does seem to be the age my kids seem to stop napping.

Though, ocassionaly they have fallen asleep in the afternoon on the couch. Which, I know this is bad, makes me so happy.

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