Friday, January 16, 2009

MyFarm Anyone?

I joined the Facebook bandwagon after a few friends convinced me that 1.) It was totally free, 2.) I really would enjoy finding people from my past, and 3.) It was strangely addictive. Right on for all three. I have to say, the best part as has been this little application called MyFarm. For a city slicker with a black thumb like me, it's the most gardening success I've ever had. You start by getting a little virtual plot of land. The "King" i.e. the application's creator gifts you a tree and some start of virtual dollars. Then you begin to "farm" by plowing and purchasing seeds. The fun comes from deciding where to plow and what crops to grow. Plowing and buying seeds cost money but you make money when you harvest. You even get "free" money from the tree when after the first six days you harvest that too. It regrows fruit every three days after the initial six. It's free money because you don't have to pay to harvest it and it regrows fruit automatically. With your money you can continue farming larger and larger amounts of your plot and also buy additional trees and animals. It's even better to get your Facebook friends who also have the MyFarm application to send you gifts everyday. Eventually you can even buy extras like a barn so you can sell your animals, a woodshed so you can cut down trees, and a rustic shack to live in. I am sure this is way too much information for most people and it probably sounds super boring. But let me tell you, there is something deeply satifying to see the little red apples on your trees. I'm like, "Oh goodie, I can harvest," as I click the harvest button and watch my monetary grand total increase. I've made over half a million virtual MyFarm bucks, so I think I'm pretty successful LOL! And I've got my brother addicted and my friend Alicia clicking away on their own little virtual farms too. Can't say it's uber exciting, there's not flashy graphics or even really very good graphics but there's just something about MyFarm.

1 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

My sister has a Facebook page too. But, she never told me about My Farm. Interesting:)

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