Friday, January 30, 2009

Recipe Roundup - Tortilla Soup

Today's new recipe was supposed to be made on Tuesday, but as you all know we had a little mishap. It's from my really good friend Margaret, who I met in college when I pledged Kappa Delta Sorority my freshman year. Not only do we have great memories from our university days, but now we're making new ones as we navigate motherhood together. She has a four year old, so she's my go to gal when I have questions as she's the trailblazer when it comes to having kids among my friends. My daughter and her youngest girl are also just three months apart so it's great to have someone who's got experience but is also going through all the same milestones as you are.

Margaret gave me this great recipe, that the entire family liked. Granted ER mainly liked fishing out the corn, but she did eat quite a bit too. Always nice to be able to all eat the same meal, and it was super easy. It's also healthy too, until I add a dap of sour cream, sprinkle of cheese, and chips that is, but still pretty healthy after my additions.

Tortillla Soup Slow Cooker Recipe

16 oz can refried beans (Margaret notes: I use the vegetarian ones, they are healthier)
15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
14 oz can fat free chicken broth
1 1/2 cups frozen corn
3/4 cup chunky salsa
3/4 cup boneless skinless cooked chicken cubed
1/4 cup water

1. Combine all ingredients
2. Cook on low 3-4 hours
3. Add cheese, chips, sour cream etc. to individual soup bowls

We used mild salsa so that ER would eat it, but that made it too wimpy for me! It still had good flavor, but next time I'd definitely get some hot salsa and pepper jack cheese to stir into my bowl. After living in CA and NM, I like my food with some kick!

Thank you to everyone who's sent their recipe, we plan to make everyone's contribution. If you come across another meal that's become a "go to" dinner that your family likes please sent it on over. I'll feature you and if you've got a blog link to yours when we make it. Read my plea for help here before you sent it, please.

I'm working on a cute new binder using more of my scrapbooking paper scraps to keep all my recipes together in, and I hope to post that soon!

UPDATE: Pop on over to Katie at A Listmaker's Life, she's got Soup-er Saturday going on over there. Go and see all the soup recipes shared and add one of your own too!

10 Friends Said:

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I love Tortilla Soup. Yumm yumm! Thanks for sharing. I may just have to make this for dinner tomorrow!

Lynn said...

This looks so yummy, I'm printing it out immediately! Thanks for sharing :)

Vickie said...

Tortilla soup, yummy! I love anything tacoish. Gonna try this soon. Love this recipe thing you are doing:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks good and I bet it would make my boys happy! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

This looks delicious! I was just making my meal plan for next week and I am going to try this instead of the Chicken Chili I had been thinking of. THANKS!

Katie said...

Today's creative blog is looking for decorating ideas for Valentine's Day. Maybe you want to send over your cute button pillow for her to see. I think she would enjoy linking in with you and seeing all of your creativity!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Love it. Gonna make it. And then eat it.

Katie said...

I am putting together the soup this afternoon and it really 6 oz. of refried beans (like you only used a small bit of the can) or was it supposed to be 16 oz? Thanks

Katie said...

16 ounce can, thanks for catching that Katie! Sorry if anyone made the recipe with the wrong amount of beans!

minishoes1 said...

I am glad I found your blog! I love your recipes,craft ideas etc... I am glad this recipe you can make using the crockpot! I love using mine. thanks!

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