Sunday, January 25, 2009

Felt Peony Flower

UPDATE: 2/9/09, Finally decided what to do with one of the flowers, I attached it to the headband with a few little stitches so it could be removed if I change my mind later. I thought it'd be too big for this, but I really think it turned out cute.

Yesterday while the hubby was out doing guy stuff, I let the kiddo watch a video from the library because she ate lunch like a champion. Meal time is getting harder and harder, not because she's ultra picky but because she's a grazer. She'd like food left out continuously so she can drop in for a bite or two here and there. She loved getting a chance to eat popcorn with mommy on the coach all snuggled under the blanket.

While she was occupied I had a quite moment or two, for once. I saw this tutorial at yoonie at home awhile ago, and have been wanting to make them ever since. Her pictures show better, how cute it is. Her blog takes a moment or two to load, wait for it. I love them! They came out really well, require very little supplies, and are easy to make. All you need is the time to cut them out. I also plan on using her felt flower pin tutorial. There are more tutorials through out her blog along with some free printables here and there, so check the archives. It's a fun blog to read because she's from Malaysia so looking at her daily life can be like reading a travel log. She also helps with a lot of weddings and makes some incredible decorations.

I actually made a blue and a pink felt peony, but when I uploaded the pictures of the pink one I discovered, horrors of horrors a big cat hair on it! So maybe I'll share that another time. Today the plan was to finish adding the button to the centers of my felt peonies and then attach them to either clippies or headbands. Haven't decided exactly what to do with them yet, might add a pin back and make a brooch out of one to attach to my many tote bags for an extra bit of color.
I'm working on a cute birdie needle holder and a pin cushion, both from tutorials I found online. Now that I'm spending more time with my sewing machine, it's time to accessorize:) Spent over forty minutes cutitng out four 8x9.5 inch rectangles for a clutch, so hopefully I'll have some more pictures of completed projects soon. Working with my new rotary cutter and big clear plastic ruler took a lot more time than I expected. Hopefully that'll get easier as I get more practice.

5 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

You are such the crafty little chick!:) That peony looks cute. You should have shown the cat hair picture. Would have been a hoot. That happened to me when I posted a card I had made. Oh well.

I keep forgetting to email my recipe!! My brain is just full of mush lately.

k-e-household said...

I keep forgetting my recipes too!

I loove the felted flowers. My only problem is that my Missy won't wear anything in her hair, so doing anything "pritty" would not go as I had hoped....

Katie said...

Love your felt flower. It would be adorable attached to those little silver clip thingys we put in our little girly's hair.
BTW, I had fun answering the meme questions.


How perfect this turned out! I will check out the tutorial. How beautiful it would look as a gift box/bag embellishment, brooch, or in a mixed media assemblage!

Katie said...

I feel I should mention that mine came out pretty big, four inches. So that's why I hesitated putting them on a clippie. I don't know if they'd stay in the hair or be too heavy. I definitely think they'd look cute on a gift box or bag.

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