Friday, January 30, 2009

Plaid Kid's Crafts Blog of the Week is ME!!!

I think I'm going to have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!

I just got an email from Kia, the editor of Plaid Kids Crafts, a blog produced by Plaid, the makers of Mod Podge. As many of you know, Mod Podge just happens to be one of my favorite crafting supplies, so this was especially thrilling to me!

If you haven't already, check out my previous posts: Altered Baby Board Book, NOEL Letters, and A Love Note and Our Sweet Kitties to see three projects using Mod Podge.

Guess who's next week's Blog of the Week? Yours truly!!! Kia is going to email me some crafting related questions, but the post featuring my baby board book is already up. So please stop by and be sure to leave a comment, cause I've noticed previous Blog of the Week features don't seem to have any. So please leave me some bloggy love and your support ♥ I'd really appreciate it!

There are a lot of fun things on the site including a whole category on Mod Podge, party ideas, recycled crafts, ideas for room decorating - check out these kid's wall canvases, and Valentines - I'm already planning on making these.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their sweet words of encouragement and their compliments. I appreciate each and every one and they really do mean a lot to me.

4 Friends Said:

Alicia said...

So darn proud of you!!!!!! I've always known how ubercrafty you are and now the rest of the world is learning it!!!!!!!

Vickie said...

Holy Toledo!! That is great! Congrats! You are doing awesome!
I will check out the site.

Good for you.

Ms Muffin said...

Thanks to you I found this really cute kids craft blog! Didn't know about it until now ... but there seem to be many nice ideas. Unfortunately here in Germany we don't have Mod Podge (at least not that I know of). I already read alot about it ... Must be a really nice crafting supply.

Congratulations to being featured!


Girlfriend you are on a roll! Congrats!

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