Saturday, January 17, 2009

Havin' A Great Day, NOT!!!

Well I certainly hope you're having a better day than we are. We chose poorly and decided to still drive across town in the snow to my mother-in-law's. This after she called and graciously gave us an out, by saying that it was okay if we didn't come. The roads actually weren't bad, granted it was snowy but they weren't any worse than they can be on any snowy day in Michigan. The problem was, as usual bad drivers. We were stopped on the freeway along with all the other traffic, because of another accident a little further on. Then boom, along came another driver behind us going too fast around the curve in the road and smack into our rear end. Luckily her car was of a comparable size to ours and not a big SUV or truck.

The rear ending was loud but no one was hurt and our daughter didn't even start crying. Cause yeah, we're annoyed our car's bumper will need servicing but all I really care about is that my kid is okay. The damage is noticeable but not catastrophic and the car is drivable. Because of the accident ahead of us there were plenty of police officers around, and one came almost immediately after we both pulled to the side of the road. Brad and the woman who'd hit us were standing out on the side of the freeway; as the as the officer came up he said, "People get back in your cars, cause people out here are crazy. They'll run you over." How sad it's probably true. It took awhile, but the first thing he said to us after working on the report in his car was, "Well she's obviously at fault," the magic words you want to hear when in an accident. Turns out the day before he had also been rear ended, so I guess bad drivers are out in force. Buckle up and be careful!
For now, we're staying put at my MIL's house and will brave the roads again tomorrow morning. ER is happy with that, hey who doesn't love undivided attention from Grandma!

3 Friends Said:


Thank God you guys were all right! And glad you are staying put for the night.

Vickie said...

Glad to hear you guys are okay! When it is snowing people need to slow down. What, do they think their cars are immuned to the laws of physics? Bad drivers :p

I am thinking we got about 6inches so it is good you guys stayed over night.

I love snow, but hate driving in it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are okay, Katie! I lived in NW Michigan for 5 years and it amazes me- the weather I used to drive in! Well, it was that or stay home all winter!

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