Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Am NOT Sleepy and I Will NOT Go to Bed

Here's Brad reading ER, I Am NOT Sleepy and I Will NOT Go to Bed, a Charlie and Lola book by Lauren Child. The title pretty much says it all. Lola is the little sister and she likes to stay up late. She has a bunch of creative excuses for not going to bed, while big brother Charlie patiently address each one and eventually gets her there. There's also a television show with these characters in it, ER has shown absolutely no interest in it but loves the book.

ER's Godmother sent her this book for Christmas, and it's especially appropriate right now because we've been having the hardest time getting ER to take a nap and go to bed. She'll go into bed but then she'll sing to herself, move around the babies that are in bed with her, jump up and down; she always looks amazed when I go in and tell her to stop, kind of did you know I was doing that Mommy, or and these are the most annoying to us, she'll begin to call out to ask for a kleenex, drink of water, or that her blanket be put back on top of her. Lately, she's been asking for this book as her good night book and when I went in to kiss her good night last night she was all snuggled under her blanket chanting the title over and over, giggling away.

2 Friends Said:

eriochrome said...

Charlie is a boy. I thought she was a girl. She does share a room with Lola.

Katie said...

Charlie is a boy according to the book jacket.

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