Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oliver's Labels Product Review

When I taught kindergarten I cannot even begin to tell you how many belongings were lost or misplaced by my students. At first I thought it was because they were only five years old and since it was their first year in school, they weren't used to having to keep track of their things.

Then I saw the huge mound of of clothing, back packs, lunch bags, and even shoes in the lost and found at my school. Shoes? Why weren't they on the kid's feet and how did they make it home without a shoe on? It's amazing the propensity children have to misplacing their stuff.
Oliver's Labels are the perfect solution for busy parents to help make sure our kid's things come back home with them. Have multiple kids, different ages, all going in separate directions? Choose a different design for each child. Transportation themed ones great for a little boy, a fantasy set for your little princess, and the gender neutral toy animals. For older children, who are too cool for the cute designs you can get a basic script set and even fashion designer inspired labels like the Burberry set perfect for your little prepster. If your child has food allergies, there are even designs for specific allergies like nuts. With so many choices there is sure to be a set you like. We got a selection of the nature themed labels, personalized with ER's first name and last initial since she has a very popular name. Oliver's Labels is the only company to offer full-color graphics and I was impressed by how attractive they looked. They have a shiny finish and the colors were exactly like in the preview. They will stay looking as good as they did right out out of the package. Their special process guarantees that their image will not rub off overtime, and they are made on eco-friendly machines.
I really liked the design I picked out but by far the best feature to Oliver's Labels and what makes them stand is their Found It tracking system. This exclusive feature helps misplaced things find their way back. Your personalized nine digit code is printed on the labels. If your child looses some thing, when it's found the finder can report your item as found via Oliver's Label's website. They'll act as intermediary so you don't have to share personal information. It's not on your label and you don't have to give it out to a stranger to get your belongings back either.

In our set we got all three of their waterproof labels, the original, mini, and shoe labels. The first two which are,"Waterproof, weather-proof, scuff-proof, tear-resistant, high-performance vinyl with super-strong adhesive and high quality, full-color printing. Made to be long-lasting in a huge range of environments." The shoe labels have the same features but are made to be long-lasting in shoes.
The original labels are about two inches long and three quarters of an inch tall. They are the perfect size for anything and everything that goes to school, day care, or camp. They'll stick and stay on through the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and outdoors. A lot of ER's friends have the same sippy cups as we do. We put one on ours and for once there was no confusion when we took ER's cup out of the fridge. Plus the label helped ER keep track of which one was hers too.

Older kids and adults can use them to labels their laptop, MP3 player, tote bag, water bottle and cell phone. My husband and I have the same phone, in the morning when he's rushing out the door sometimes he's grabbed the wrong one. A bright name label would certainly help prevent that!
Mini labels are great for items that are too small to easily fit an original label. The first thing I thought when I saw these was labeling school supplies. Any elementary teacher can tell you how often pencils are lost or misplaced in the classroom. Help your child keep track of his or her pencils with these. Also great for toothbrushes at camp and travel children's silverware that goes to and from the day care center. Help your provider keep things straight and get your belonging back in your day care bag.

Their small size also makes these great for more discrete labeling for adults. Put them on your Cell phone, MP3 player, pens, pencils and sunglasses.
The shoe labels are an especially neat product. How many times have we gone to an indoor play zone or into a bounce house? Shoe removal is a must and finding them again among the huge pile up can be nearly impossible. Put a set inside and you'll be so happy by how quickly you find them. Their bright color made ours stand out from the crowd the last time we went to play group. Each one comes with a right and left foot label and you don't have to worry about adding protective tape over them. It doesn't matter how many times you put them on and off, their design and the label stays put. These are great and you need these!
The last type of label we got from Oliver's Labels to review their stick-eez clothing labels. They are made of thin, flexible, high-performance material with super-strong adhesive and high quality, full-color printing. They can go into the washing machine and dryer.

I've seen clothing labels in the past that you iron on, and that type is also available from them. What makes their new stick-eez labels innovative is that they are so simple to use, quick and easy! All you do is peel and stick. I LOVE these! How easy to label your child's lunch box and school bag, Just add a sticker!

Like shoes, jackets and sweaters are taken off and on a lot and there are so many chances for them to be left behind. This helps eliminate the possibility of that happening. Use them on clothing with a care tag such as t-shirts, pants, underwear, gym clothes, snow pants, jackets, and clothing with nylon shells that can’t be ironed. The best feature? They will stick to your clothing but you can still remove them if you want to hand them down to a sibling or donate.
Oliver's Labels are a great product with so many uses. I liked the high quality and variety to choose from. Can't make up your mind which ones you need the most, you can get a variety of sizes and types in their packages. They are so handy to have on hand and help ensure your child's things won't end up in the lost and found. Every parent could benefit from having these! I'd love to hear what you'd stick Oliver's Label's on!

Try them yourself! Now through June 31st, get a 10% discount from Oliver's Labels, just enter the code: Labeleverything (one word) as a form of payment before checking out.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Oliver's Labels for providing the products for this review.

5 Friends Said:

Annette W. said...

Cute labels. Yes, children need labels!

My husband and I had the same phone. I tied a small ribbon to mine to off-set it since I didn't want a sticker on it.

Jennifer said...

What cute labels. =)

Happy Wednesday!

Tonja said...

Love the lables.

I label everything for my kids since we were loosing everything! I like these better than the masking tape I was using.

clothing labels said...

How adorable. I'm gonna check their website soon and pro'ly get one for my kid. Thanks!

clothing labels said...

How adorable. I'm gonna check their website soon and pro'ly get one for my kid. Thanks!

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