Saturday, June 27, 2009

Splish Splash

When we were in Philadelphia, ER got to enjoy her Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Jody's big inflatable pool in their backyard and it seems like that was the kick off to our summer water fun! It was a little cool that afternoon but she loved it anyway and has been asking to go in our little plastic wading pool ever since.
Summer has arrived in Michigan, with all it's humidity and stickiness! We've been busy finding ways to cool off. Last Tuesday we were lucky enough to get an invitation to join our friends at the local swim club. I wish it weren't so darn expensive to join and that there wasn't a two-three year waiting list. Our area does not have enough public pools!
ER hasn't been in an real outdoor pool since we moved from NM where our complex had two we used a lot that first spring and summer. She had so much fun splashing around in the zero entry kiddie pool and jumping in the bigger pool with Mommy! Thank you again to our friend Kate for inviting us! ER had great fun splashing around with T & C!
It seems that sprinker fun WITH clothes on is going to become a habit around here☺ On Thursday ER got to run through the spray zone at an outdoor mall by my parents' house. We went there to get tennis shoes for her and ended up with a soaking wet toddler! It's kind of my own fault, as I knew they had these and that they'd be working. I forgot to throw her suit in my bag when we left their house.
There is just no way you can refuse a kid on a hot summer day when there are free sprayers shooting water into the sky is there? Not even Grammy could say no to ER when she came back to get her to join in. She ended up, well lets just say refreshed too, LOL!

7 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! Look so fun :)

Katie said...

I love the splash pad picture in her cute floral skirt. I think that would have been another U Printing winner for sure!

Mama King said...

Seeing Er & your mom have so much fun put a big smile on my face!

Tonja said...

Taht looks like a blast! We need more water parks around here too!

Kelli said...

All of that water looks like so much fun. I love ER in the sprinklers. We have a cool park that has those in our area.

Vickie said...

I know where you were:)

Today we had Adela in the pool and she loved it! I was a little surprised.

The pools looked so refreshing and that is a super cute suit! She is such a doll:)

Anonymous said...

The outdoor sprinkler picture is adorable. My daughter hates to have her face splashed, so she would probably opt out. However, we are also enjoying a wading pool at our swim club - it's so much fun.

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