Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cranbrook Institute of Science

Over the weekend we took advantage of the Museum Adventure Pass for the first time, at least we intended to. We showed up at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, our free entry coupons in hand, only to find out that day they were having free admission that day because of a fund raising duck race. If that sounds odd, let me explain...you purchase a rubber duck and then they all race down the river on the grounds. We were greeted by what ER has been describing as, "This giant turtle, it's REALLY big. Oh um...WAAAAYYY bigger than me. Oh yeah and it's like kinda dead. You know for like awhile. Or at least for a year or so" That made me laugh, a lot!
It has been years since I'd been there, since college when I went to the planetarium and even longer for Brad. I think it's a required elementary school field trip for most of the Metro Detroit area; I remember going several times as a kid. Quite a lot has changed; it was like a brand new place for me.

There used to be several more dioramas like these. They always facinated me; it was no different for ER. We stayed there, while Grandma Norma and Daddy viewed the Story of Us exhibit that was too dark and scary for ER.

Together, we examined each scene of Michigan's plant life and the various different habitats found throughout our state. There was a lot of detail in each, but ask ER what she remembers about it and she'll probably say that a tree was growing in the ceiling. She could not stop talking about that, figures.
There is so much to learn at Cranbrook and we were only able to scratch the very surface with ER. Most of it was way over her head. I didn't get a chance to really read any of the information, but its important to start taking kids places like this young for exposure. My parents did that for me and I know it helped instill a love of learning for learnings sake; I hope it does the same thing for ER.

She did like looking at all the rocks and crystals in Every Rock Has A Story. Plus there are several hands-on activities throughout the museum. The Motion Gallery, adjacent to this exhibit, is all hands on and especially fun. I didn't get to look at this one closer but Brad is attempting to show ER where she was born in New Mexico. He had a hard time and ended up settling for pointing vaguely toward the entire Southwest. Yeah, I had to give the good doctor a bit of a razzing about that.
ER with Grandma Norma, our trip to Cranbrook was part of our visit with her for her birthday. Afterward we went back to her house for a BBQ of chicken & brats, corn on the cob, Greek salad, and cupcakes with homemade and very pink ice cream - as in Pepto pink. It was bright but very good. Yum Yum!
I think out of the whole Institute the Mineral Study Gallery and it's display cases of rock and gems is the only exhibit that's exactly how I remembered it. This time around I found it pretty interesting and neat to examine all the varieties, where once I'll admit it was a quick walk through the boring room o' rocks.


3 Friends Said:

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great education place to go!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Did I know you lived in MI? I'm from Muskegon originally and much of my extended family still lives in the state. GORGEOUS in the summers, but I don't miss the winters. ;)

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

Wow, that looks like an really fun place to explore. We love science museums and now know another one if we are ever in that area.

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