Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bing’s “Our School Needs” Contest

It seems every time schools are mentioned in the news, it's about budget cuts. My area is in danger of loosing their entire Early On program! Other programs first to go often include art and music, both things I took for granted growing up. As a former elementary and special education teacher, hearing about cuts always make me cringe.

I know how hard it is to give your students the best possible instruction, when you're lacking the basics to do so. In one school I taught at, we didn't even have enough books to go around for all the students. The kids had to share text books, with the classes having to alternate weeks they could learn about social studies and history! Plus not every kid in the class had a book even then, it was two per book! Not okay!

We were lucky enough to get several uniforms, backpacks, and other general supplies like folders and pencils donated by the community. Many teachers write grant proposals or receive extra funds from their school's Parent's Club or from school wide fund raising programs. Those can help fill the gap, but what if the community is unable to give more or a large sum of money is needed? I'm really pleased to be sharing with you a wonderful opportunity for schools from Bing.

Our School Needs
Everyone Deserves a Great Education!
What Does Your School Need?

In their latest philanthropic campaign supporting kids' education, Bing wants to help teachers and students by providing them with supplies and financial support needed to ensure a successful learning experience. Bing will potentially give away over $1 million dollars through their new "Our School Needs" program.

What: User‐generated content competition that will identify and fulfill the dreams of 4 schools: 1 grand prize winner and 3 first prize schools. Bing will give up to a million dollars in prizes and donations to schools in need!

Why: Every child deserves a great education. Bing enthusiastically supports the teachers, educators and parents who make it happen with products, programs and donations that help provide a great learning environment. This competition is a great opportunity to let teachers and students show everyone through essays, photographs and videos (optional) what they think their schools needs the most.

When: Students and teachers can submit entries from now until Friday, October 22nd (Winners will be announced Tuesday, November 9th)

Where: Bing's Our School Needs Contest

How: There will be 3 categories: grades k‐6, 7 – 9 and 10 – 12. . The overall grand prize winning school will receive $100,000 and each category will have a first prize of $50,000.

Step 1: Teachers and students can create an entry for their school, including a story of what their school needs, photos and a video (optional). Students under 18 will need a parent/guardian or teacher submit the entry on their behalf.

Step 2: Entries are made available for everyone to see and rate online. The 5 top rated submission in each category (15 total) is guaranteed a slot in the final panel. Top rated submissions and the top editors picks will then be turned over to a distinguished panel of judges who will determine the 15 finalists.

Step 3: Voting begins on October 27!

This Bing video, will help explain the submission process. I hope you are inspired to enter a submission, every school could use a little extra help and it's your child that will benefit! The thing I love most about this contest is that teachers and students get to say what they really want! I can't wait to see what things the students want to make their education more fullfilling. If you make a submission, be sure to tell me which one it is so I can go over, see it, and support you and your school!


Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and received a giving code and gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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julie said...

This is such a great cause! Nothing is more important than our children's education. While Nick's school could use money, I know there are many schools out there that are much more in need of the funds.

I'll be anxious to hear the results!

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