Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack o' Lantern Sun Catcher

ER and I made this last week, when we were trying to think of something cool to use for our guest post at Muffin Tin Mom. Can you tell we had jack o'lantern's on the brain?
As I looked at the leftover tissue paper and empty toilet paper rolls from another fall project, that I'll share in November, I thought they might combine nicely to make a neat nontraditional shaped pumpkin.Paint the outside of an empty toilet paper roll orange and let dry. Cut roll into approximately one quarter inch sections. Pinch sections into petal like shapes.
Attach to one another using glue dots, as shown. It kind of looks like a flower. Actually, it looks a lot like a flower:) I think we'll have to make a bunch of these in the spring to hang from our window.
This is unrelated, but before you ask, that thing in ER's hair is from her Great Grandma down in Missouri. It's a neck scarve /slash/ necklace. She think's it for her hair and insisted on wearing it that way. I know it looks weird. We do not wear it out of the house!

At this point, you might notice how silly it will look with the inside of the toilet paper roll exposed. Paint the inside of the shape orange.
Paint one side of the shape with glue, lay it on thinck, as shown above. Turn over and press into orange tissue paper.Let dry. We left ours out overnight. As you can see, the next day it was glued on really good.When dry carefully cut around shape. Isn't the sun shining through pretty?
Attach precut eye, nose, and mouth with mini glue dots. Carefully poke a hole through the tissue paper at the top and string through ribbon. Hang your sun catcher near a window and enjoy!


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9 Friends Said:

mle said...

What a cute project for little hands!! : ) so happy!

Unknown said...

It turned out so cute! Kids can totally do this!

Teena said...

Cute project and I think ER looks adorable :). That's one of the days you pin on the badge..I DRESSED MYSELF TODAY, Don't I look Great!

***Sharon*** said...

My husband is going to go CRAZY when I tell him I want to save all the TP/PT roll holders! I love this idea but I am Halloween-crafted out....will save them for SPRING! Great idea, as always!

Laura said...

How fun and a great craft for kids!

This week is my blog anniversary and I'm hosting a week's worth of great giveaways. Feel free to stop by if you'd like!

malia said...

very creative and great repurposing!

Mrs. Whary said...

Great idea! THanks so much for sharing :-)

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

AWESOME idea- love this!

Bobbi & Noe said...

Just stopping by to say HI! I've missed quite a bit. It looks like you guys are doing great. Have a wonderful week.

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