Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giddy Up! Bath Fizzers Kit Review

Giddy's Up! makes a wide range of Scientific Explorer Kits that give kids opportunities to have hands on scientific experiences. Not only educational, they've got a big component of fun too! Their spa products get kids mixing and creating a wide variety of fun things like perfume, lip balm, and body mist. All while making observations and thinking about the science behind the making of the spa products. We recently got the Bath Fizzers Kit, with all the ingredients to make eight bath berry scented bath fizzers to try out through Team Mom.Our kit is geared toward kid ages eight and up, so we carefully monitored ER while making our bath fizzers. We did many of the steps while she helped where appropriate, but I could see how an older child could easily do most of them with minimal parental assistance. ER still had a lot of fun helping and was really interested in helping and wanted to do it all. While we completed the steps in the first two activities, we were prompted to make smell, feel, observe, and answer a few simple basis scientific questions. The instruction booklet is also peppered with "Fun Facts" throughout and there were also "Fizz-ical Science" information boxes with the how and why behind the chemical reactions that make our bath fizzers. I thought these were very helpful and provide parents with many conversation starters for while making the fizzers.While the direction booklet made some nice scientific connections, there were times when the directions could've used been clearer. For example, you start off by pouring out half of the pink base into a mixing cup. It's kind of hard to pour out half from the bag, not impossible but a little challenging. The measurements matter because you want to have enough to fill your molds. We thought it would've been nice to know how many scoops to use.

The other time we had a hiccup was at the end of activity 2 after adding the drops of water. It then has you mix. Well you really need to mix and mix and then mix some more, something we only realized because earlier on it states that you'll make "goop". We mixed a little, but certainly didn't have goop or something that looked ready for molds. We mainly still had powder and at that point I wondered if this was really going to work. We kept on mixing, but if an eight year old was doing this, I think the instructions would need to be clearer to ensure a good end result.
One batch done and ready to dry overnight! We combined our two colors, blue and pink, for mixed berry fizzers. The next morning it was easy to pop them out of the mold and we were ready for bath time! ER was very excited about them and so proud too. We still have enough ingredients to make another batch too!
In the tub the fizzers quickly began changing fizzing away the second they hit the water and the water surrounding where they were did have subtle color change. We wish the fizzing would have lasted longer and the color change more dramatic, but considering the size of each bath fizzer, the effect was proportional. Over all, it was a fun experience for everyone and neat to see the bath fizzer in action, just expect it to be a brief short burst of action in the tub.
Giddy Up! products are available nationwide at specialty stores such as Learning Express and the suggested retail for the kit reviewed is $9.99. Even though I haven't tried them personally, I would pick the lip gloss over the bath fizzers, just because I think the receipient will be able to use the end product longer. However, the bath fizzers are still a great ten dollar gift, perfect for giving at all the birthday parties your child gets invited to for their friends. It's fun, hands-on, and gives the recipient a two in one gift, something to make and then enjoy.


Disclosure: I received these samples by Giddy Up! through Team Mom and this review reflects my own personal and unbiased experience and opinions of them. No monetary compensation was provided.

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