Friday, October 15, 2010

Disney on Ice: Princess Classics

Last night we went to see Disney on Ice: Princess Classics show at the Palace. It was an amazing show, my favorite FELD production so far. I think I say that every time we see one, but a entire performance devoted to all our favorite princesses was quite an experience. Can you tell who ER was most exited to see? It just so happened that her turn to bring home the class mascot coincided with our show. Good thing we had a suitable dress for Bananas to wear:)
Each time a FELD production comes to town, I've had a great coupon code to share with my readers and friends. I've been told by those who used it that the tickets were great but it's a big venue so I've never known exactly where my friends sat. This time we planned to go when my friend Margaret's family went and now I know how FABULOUS the tickets are!

They were in the bottom tier of seats closest to the ice and had a great view. When I think that each ticket was only $11 I can't believe what a STEAL those tickets were. Seriously, if there is a blogger posting a blogger coupon code you NEED to take advantage. I've always loved our seats at the shows and theirs were a good six or seven rows closer. We know at least eight or nine more families going, and I can't wait to hear where they sat!
The show features all of the princesses we know and love, I think only Tiana was missing but she isn't on the poster so that wasn't a surprise. The first part of the performance shows portions of several princesses stories, beginning with Jasmine from Aladdin. We even saw Aladdin pick up Jasmine and go on a carpet ride, flying over the ice together.

I really enjoyed seeing Sleeping Beauty meet Prince Philip and singing one of my all time favorite Disney songs, "Once Upon a Dream," and it was fun seeing how they incorporated the color changing dress that the fairies make for her.

The Under the Sea performance with Sebastian was a big group number, with lots of dancers in glowing costumes and very entertaining, it really got your toes tapping. We also were greatly amused by the antics of the Seven Dwarfs as they skated with Snow White. Beauty and the Beast was a more dramatic number, as we saw the Beast overcome Gaston and transform back into a prince as the spell is broken. As part one concluded we got to see all the princesses again as they glided on the ice with their Princes.
During the break we snacked on cotton candy and ER got the biggest snow cone of her life! She thought it was so fun to eat snow. We liked how it came with a keepsake cup and straw, that I'm sure will be used a lot. After the intermission, the rest of the show was devoted to our favorite royal highness, Cinderella, with an extended telling of her story. For ER it was truly the a magical end to the evening.If you've been to a FELD performance, like a Disney on Ice, Disney Live!, or Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show, I'd love to know which was your favorite and why. And if not yet, which one are you looking forward to?


Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets to the show for sharing the coupon code with my readers. The opinions expressed and experiences related are personal and unbiased. A positive review is not required for participation in the FELD Family Activators program.

4 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun. We would love to attend the show, not sure if it even comes around here but I'm going to go check it out. Zoe would love this "maybe" lol.

Vickie said...

That looks like a good time:) The snowcone looks yummy!

julie said...

Hey Katie!

I participated in this program as well. We did the Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice. I sent the Scott with the boys though, so I didn't get to see it. Boo. :(

malia said...

Hi...I think this is coming to Everett, WA (near us) and I was thinking Mia would love to go! Need to google discount codes (-:

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