Monday, October 18, 2010

Renaissance Princess

Last night we took ER to Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. It's the third time we've been, but the first time just the three of us. I think the highlight of the night for her were the two glow bracelets she got to wear. Nevermind the path way of 800 hand-carved pumpkins, the elaborately costumed cast, or the donuts and was all about the light up accessories on her wrists, LOL!
Actually, she was pretty freaked out most of the time. The spooky music really did her in. She clutched my hand and covered her ears a lot. I guess we ought to have taken her to the tamer Zoo Boo instead, but since we've been before, we thought she could handle it. It's pretty much the same from one year to the next.
At least she got to wear the pretty renaissance style princess costume we got her from Costco for dress up play. Even though it was the warmest it's ever been, when we've been at this event, I put her in this one instead of the official Halloween Silvermist fairy costume. I thought she's be warmer in this since I could layer her underneath better. She's got on multiple sets of pants under that hoop skirt:)

We've done at least one family event like this each year. What Halloween traditions does your family have?


5 Friends Said:

Cheryl said...

She looks so cute! How fun. I love Halloween.

kt moxie said...

I might be stalking you! I brought my son to Greenfield Village yesterday, too!

Jaedyn said...

That is a super cute costume! And I love the slightly nervous picture, too - LOL. Well, she'll certainly remember this Halloween!

Lisa said...

She looks very cute! Do you have any pics of the 800 pumpkins? That must have been an amazing collection!

We don't have very many traditions right now, but I hope to pass some of my childhood traditions on to my kids one day.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I hope you'll come link this to my Halloween costume contest! And thanks for the sweet comments tonight!


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