Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Crafty Soiree #46

Before we get started I thought I should mention that there might be a week when A Crafty Soiree doesn't post when it normally does on my blog.  It will be for a very good reason, it'll mean I'm off busy having a baby or in the hospital.  If ever there comes a Thursday within the next few weeks when that does happen, just pop on over to my co-hostess Malia.  She'll still have hers up and I'll join everyone when I can.  We're due August 5th but tomorrow I'll be 37 weeks.  That's when we had our first daughter, so I'm thinking this baby could join us any time!
Last week I was intrigued by this picture, it's from Homespun with Love and it's of a salad in a jar.  Kind of a unique and cute twist on picnic food, don't you think?
I also fell for Lil' Luna's Photo Gallery Wall.  I think the mix for frames, sizes, and vinyl gives it a playful and eclectic look.
My third feature this week, is this paper flower bouquet at Vixen Made.  Her daughter helped make them, the stacked design give them a funky look and I'm sure it's super cute displayed in the little artist's room.
Ladies, for being our features this week, we're happy to offer you our special Crafty Soiree Ribbon! It's yours to proudly display! Don't forget to check out today's Crafty Soiree post at Yesterday on Tuesday, we both pick three participants to feature each week so you might have been featured by Malia. But you'll have to visit her to find out!
Now it's your turn to link up! The linky will be open for a week, so you have plenty of time to join us! Here are some guidelines for our guests:
  • Link up to 4 creative projects!
  • Add your links to the specific posts and not your blog's homepage.
  • Add my Crafty Soiree button above or link back to me in your posts, so others can find us and join in!
  • Please comment on the post linked up in front of you. All partygoers love meeting new friends... don't just stop there...if you see something that catches your fancy-- stop by and say hi!
  • Please consider following the hostesses, me and Malia, we want to get to know our guests
  • Most importantly... enjoy yourself and have fun!
Don't forget, A Crafty Soiree is hosted on two blogs, so when you link up on one your link will automatically show up on the other one too! Please note, by linking up to A Crafty Soiree, you're giving permission to feature your project and photos in the future, with proper credit of course☺


4 Friends Said:

cre8ivesky said...

Thanks for hosting Katie! Hope you have a great rest of the week :)

Liz Mays said...

I'm not particularly crafty, but I sure do love seeing all these!

Kyla Armstrong said...

Thanks so much for hosting!

Lindsay Elizabeth said...

aah i didn't mean to post my link twice! the first time it gave me an error so i tried again, unbeknownst to me the first one posted despite the error! so sorry about that

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