Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Outdoors with Backyard Safari Outfitters:Field Gear Review

This year summer coincided with the end of my second pregnancy, which means we haven't been able to get away as much.  Luckily, we've been able to have plenty of adventures without leaving home, with the help of Backyard Safari Outfitters.  We were introduced to them last year and recently added some essential field gear to our collection!  The Base Camp Shelter retails for $39.99 and is definitely a necessity.  It's our favorite product so far!  It's nice and roomy, at 40" tall it's got plenty of space for you and a friend or more.  It sets the mood camping or hiking the trails...even if in reality, mom is just over a  few feet in the garden.
I foresee the Base Camp Shelter being set up inside too, once the weather changes to cold temps and snow.  It will be easy to move it indoors as it's lightweight and easy to assemble.  So you really could take it with you to parks and on the trails!  We love the mesh pockets to stash gear within arms reach and it comes with a bonus Mini Lantern with carabiner.  In ER's opinion, it's the best part!
We also got Camouflage Netting to help us blend into our surroundings.  It's quite sizable at 5" by 8" and retails for $14.99.  Use it as a sun shade, to help provide extra shelter, or to hide behind while observing wild life in it's natural setting.  The rip-stop nylon is sturdy, stretchable, and rain resistant so it will stand up to being put up and taken down over and over. 
The Mega Magnifier makes exploring easy with it's clear, super-sized lens surrounded by a rugged frame with handy grips.  It gives you a wider than wide view of your surroundings and even floats so you can use it on land and water.  You can see details in the creeks, streams, and lakes or tide pools like never before.  We like to use ours to examine all the plants around our home on the neighborhood path.
Along with our Mega Magnifier we take our Expedition Two along with us on walks, both retail for approximately $14.99.  The Expedition Two is a really fun walking stick, as it's made to look hand carved and has a decorative head.  It's very helpful for keeping your balance when you're on an unpaved walk or stone covered path.  You can use also the Expedition Two for poking and prodding while exploring so you can uncover what may be ahead or underfoot ahead of time. 

Each item from the Backyard Safari Outfitter line comes with a handy Pop-Up Field Guide, that has a unique in the field mission related to the toy's specific function.  Now many also come with a cool collectible patch that can be added to your cargo vest, seen in our previous review post.   These add another element of fun to the nature play experience and over time will help show off your child's nature based expertise!
We've been so happy with the Backyard Safari Outfitter review products we've received that we purchased a Butterfly Keepers Butterfly Habitat to give ER for her birthday.   She saw it at the store and is very excited to try it out, we're just waiting for our butteflies to arrive!  If your child loves the outdoors and is facinated by nature, you should definitely check out Backyard Safari Outfitters.  They have a great range of gear and products to make outdoor time fun and memorable.  


Disclosure: Complimentary review products were provided via Team Mom.  Opinions and experiences related within are personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was received.

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Jenny said...

Wow, that is some fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

We love this stuff. I love how she is sporting her dress while on a safari too cute!

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