Friday, July 1, 2011

35 Weeks and Handmade for Baby: Gifts from our Family & Friends

We're 35 weeks pregnant today!  It's another important milestone for us, because I was hospitalized for the weekend when pregnant with ER at 35.  We almost had her, but the doctors were able to lower my blood pressure while I was admitted and I held on for another two weeks. Thankfully, my blood pressure hasn't been a concern for most of this pregnancy.  However, it has begun to creep up a bit so now it's being a little more closely monitored.  My medication has been adjusted for the first time this pregnancy and they're doing some more testing.  Please keep your finger's crossed that it stabilizes.
Our family and friends have been very busy preparing for our baby and I wanted to share some of their projects with you.  My mom made him two little sweaters, one with a matching hat.  Making baby hats and sweater is kind of being a tradition for her.  You can see some of the other things she's knitted in my previous post: A Hat Parade with some Sweaters Thrown In.
Here is the second one, it's a baby kimono style and she got the pattern from Kraemer Yarns, look in the third row.  It knitted with a cotton/acrylic blend so it could be worn early-on, even if the weather is not cold.  My favorite part are the cute car buttons, they are squealicious!
My Godmother Annemarie knitted him a warm blue and white blanket with a tight weave, good for keeping cold wind out.
We also got a sweet little baby set from my friend Margaret's mom Mary Kay with a blue and green blanket.  This one is a little lighter then the one from my Godmother, it's great to have different weights for fall and spring when it might, just might be a little warmer.  Those of you also in Michigan, know that it's entirely possible for there to be snow on the ground in spring!  Aren't the matching hat and booties so stinkin' cute! 
My bloggy friends are even joining in, Sharon from Mama's a Mess and Happy Hapa on Etsy sent me three burp cloths, using the coolest Kawaii fabric.  The other side is super soft too! 
Actually, baby will only get to enjoy two out of the three because as ER found out, the burp cloths are also the perfect size to use as a comforter on her Barbie bed and we haven't seen it since! 

Thank you to everyone, your talents are making the best baby layette ever!  We love all of you!


5 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

What a gorgeous collection of baby things! I hope your blood pressure does stabilize! Can't wait to "meet" your baby boy! =)

Jennifer Dawn said...

What cute baby items! My husband and I are expecting right now too. I hope you and baby are doing well. Thanks for stopping by my little corner or the world earlier. I'm so glad you did because it led me to your lovely blog.

Kathleen W. said...

Oh, they're so pretty! I'm jealous! I have not knitted anything for the baby, though I'm not much for warm weather knitting (should have started months ago). I imagine once fall arrives, I'll knit up some sweaters.

Katie said...

Already one very lucky little man! I love the sweater with the car buttons on it. Adorable! I think of you often and hope they are able to keep you both stable and safe for a few more weeks!

Lisa said...

These are adorable! How lucky to have all those friends and family to make things like that for you and the baby!

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