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Nursery Rhyme Singing Time with Mother Goose Club: DVD, CD, & Coloring Book Review

Rhyming is such an important part of literacy development, it's one of the first ways children demonstrate phonological awareness.  When kids can hear the similarities in words they begin to associate sounds with  letter sequences, enabling them to begin spelling.  For example, master the -at word family and not only can you read and spell cat you also can do mat, sat, rat, etc.  Since it's an essential skill, it's nice that parents and teachers have long had Mother Goose rhymes to turn to.  Not only are they fun and sometimes silly, they can easily be put to music and become catchy little tunes kids love singing.

Reading together is always a great way to introduce nursery rhymes, but it's also nice to also have a multi-sensory approach.  The Mother Goose Club Super Pack we received with a DVD, 2 CDs, and coloring book enables us to hear, sing, and see the rhymes.  The cute clips featuring live action characters are full of music, singing, and fun - check out the example below!  It gives us a new way to get rhyming together!

The Nursery Rhyme Singing Time with Mother Goose Club DVD, features 40 minutes of nursery rhyme fun that has several 1-minute clips with the six Mother Goose world characters using song, dance, and dramatic play to get two-year-olds and up moving while getting a feel for the sounds and structures of language.   Having fun while learning, well you don't need this former Kindergarten teacher to remind you that, that's the best way to learn!  See some of the videos included on the Mother Goose Club website.

Besides the DVD we also got two CDs to help reinforce the nursery rhymes, great for the car and impromptu sing alongs.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them.  I was kind of bracing myself for some overly synthesizer enthused songs.  Instead, it's real music with real voices that don't sound overly produced, for the most part.  There are several performers, each contributing several nursery rhymes set to music, and overall the CD's have a folksy feel.

For $10 a CD they are an inexpensive way to add a CD of nursery rhymes to your collection, something I think every family should have.  On the product listing you can listen to samples.   More songs to listen to, can be found on the Mother Goose Song page.
The third component of the set is a coloring book with illustrations similar to the show.  The coloring pages are a good way to reinforce the show clips.  You can watch the rhyme on the video, then find the corresponding page in the coloring book.  Using the text you can "read" the rhyme together, pointing to each word as you say it.  Model "reading" the poem several times and soon you'll find your child "reading" it on his or her own.  You can also look for things in the rhyme like a particular letter or point out the rhyming words and how they are similar.  Some printable are also available on the Mother Goose Website.

The Mother Goose Club has been nominated for14 Midsouth Emmy awards and is featured on PBS stations.  You can learn more about the program on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Learn more about the products reviewed on their website.


Disclosure: A complimentary sample of the review products was provided via Team Mom from Mother Goose Club.  Opinions and experiences related are personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was received.

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