Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Nappers Review

I've got a certain tune running through my head over and over.  Perhaps you're familiar with it from seeing the commercial or hearing your child walk around the house singing it, like mine does!
They're Happy, Happy Nappers
They'll make all your dreams come true
Zip 'em, pop 'em squeeze and hug them
They will always know you love them.
You can be a Happy Napper too! 

Yep, Happy Nappers have arrived at our house!  These lovable toys pull double duty as both a stuffed animal and play pillow.  When it's in pillow form it's provides a home for the Happy Napper friend.  Ours is both a penguin and igloo.  My daughter, who will be five in July, really likes how when it's a penguin, it looks like a true stuffed animal.  The special feature of her Happy Napper is only revealed when you reverse it and tuck your friend inside her icy home.   
Another cool innovation of Happy Nappers is that each one makes it's own unique sound.  You "ring" the doorbell of each Happy Napper's home to wake them up and then unzip and reverse it for play time.  ER can then enjoy play time with her friend all day long.  When it's time for bed, just reverse Penguin and turn her back into an igloo.  The soft and fuzzy igloo then become a pillow for ER to hug and squeeze all night long.

Stuffed animals are my daughter's favorite type of toy.  She's been after me to get a Happy Napper for quite some time.  When Penguin showed up on our doorstep, it was love at first sight!  She likes to lay on Penguin while watching television and adding a girly touch by attaching clippies to her. 
Most of the time her Happy Napper stays in Penguin form.  It's still a little tough for her to get Penguin completely back into her igloo and zip it up by herself.  Plus she seems to think it must be awfully dark in that igloo and surely Penguin is lonely in there all by herself.  She's got quite an imagination!  I usually end up doing the transformation, but I think with more practice ER will get the hang of doing it.  She's already able to help me a tuck Penguin into the igloo a lot better then when we first got her. 
Happy Nappers retail for $19.99 each and are available in several combinations in addition to the Igloo to Penguin we received.  There is a Barn to Cow, Castle to Dragon, Bungalow to Ladybug, Doghouse to Dog, and Palace to Unicorn.  Happy Nappers are ideal for travel and families with limited room, due to their space saving feature and everyone who loves a sweet snugly toy!


Disclosure:  A complimentary sample was provided.  The experiences and opinions related are personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was given. 

4 Friends Said:

Liz Mays said...

That's about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm not even kidding!

Andrea said...

Oh, geez, SO adorable. But OMG, that SONG! That song! It won't ever leave my head!! It is the reason I clicked on your post, though .. ;) So that works, I guess.

Ten Cow said...

I've never seen happy nappers before. Very cute! i bet my little girls would love them!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Gage wants the Happy Nappers COW sooo bad!!!!

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