Sunday, July 17, 2011

37 Weeks & 2 Days: Some Unwanted Excitement and a Decision

Today I have officially been pregnant longer than ever before.  With the heat wave and temperatures expected to be in the 90s all week, I'm so ready to be done!  In fact, we almost were already done.  Last Tuesday I was admitted to Triage and told to be prepared to have the baby.  What happened is, while hooked up for the first of my two weekly non stress tests, it was indicating I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, and the Baby's heart rate was decreasing with each one and not returning to normal fast enough. 

It happened a couple of times in the Perinatal Assessment Center and then again in Triage but eventually Baby got it together and then, in the words of my nurse, "Looked like a super star," so we were able to come home.  Being in Triage didn't get me that nervous, because by this time with ER I'd been there four or five times already and even with that many visits I still ended up having her at a scheduled appointment.  In fact, during that pregnancy it got so routine I almost didn't go one time.  By then I'd already been on bed rest for several weeks and my mom had already come to stay with us.  She was driving and made me go, of course, that was the one time I was admitted for the weekend.  I've never been allowed to forget that case of "Mother Know's Best".

Then on Friday we had another hiccup during my non stress test.  This time Baby wasn't in the mood to perform at all.  His heart rate stayed the same almost the whole time, when they are wanting to see some accelerations.  We had to do a short ultrasound and hope he got enough points - 8/10, for me to make it home.  They measure things like fluid levels and look for small movments, big body movements, and practice breathing to check on Baby's overall welfare. 

An 8/10 gets you home, a 6/10 means you have to return within 24 hours for more monitoring, 4/10 leads to extended monitoring at Triage, and 2/10 or less gets you a baby...and you don't want to score that low because that could mean something is really wrong.  All I could think about was that ER's Dance Party for her 5th Birthday was the next day and I didn't really have time for all this!  Baby you'd better wake up and move!  Luckily he did and we scored all the points we needed too, but he took his sweet time doing it.  We waited until the last three minutes to see him move.

VBAC versus Planned C Section: The Decision

I really appreciate everyone's input and shared personal experiences from last week's pregnancy update when I asked about having a VBAC versus a Repeat Planned C Section.  It was my intention to get back to each person after we had our meeting with the perinatologist last Tuesday, but since that's also the day we spent over six hours at the hospital our week kinda got thrown out of whack.

Brad came with me to my appointment and we talked at length with the supervising perinatologist who's overseen most of my pregnancy.  He's the doctor I've seen the most and who's been looking over my glucose levels each Friday so I feel confident he's familiar with my pregnancy.  He's also the doctor our pediatrician said she likes working with a lot and whose opinion she'd trust.

Compared to the residents, who have all been very proVBAC he was much more reserved in discussing whether or not we should try for one.  He backed up his opinion with a research article full of statistics and data that Brad, as my number's guy really, could relate too.  They inputed specifics about my high risk factors into a calculator for sucesss and got a 59% chance of success rate, which incidentally is lower than the success rate in general.

The doctor commented that it, "Wouldn't be unreasonable to try," italics mine, and pointed out that the difference in recovery between planned C section and an attempting the trials of labor followed by emergency C section are significant with the planned C being much better.  What he had to say combined with what the nurse in the Perinatology Assessment Center has really led us to feel a repeat planned C section is the best route for us.  We are pretty confident about it, and because no one can see into the future, feel that this is the best informed decision we can make at this time.  Please pray that regardless of how Baby #2 join us, it's the best and safest way with the end result being a happy, healthy Baby and Mom.


12 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

Whoa!! Totally exciting weekend with a little stress! I am wishing that the baby comes out healthy and you heal fast!!


Mami2jcn said...

I had a pretty traumatic emergency c-section with my 1st, and planned c-sections for #2 and #3. The planned c-sections were SO much better. At least you know what to expect going in. Best of luck!

Tara said...

I've put myself on "rest" to prevent my little one from coming but there's no way we'll make it until August. Glad you were able to make it home and especially glad you have a birth plan in which everyone is comfortable.

Noemi said...

I had to have C section with my two babies, both programmed ones, and once you see your little one in your arms you don't really care how she came into the world, just that she came and that she is well and healthy. Stitches always heal up.

The Activity Mom said...

You look so cute! =) You are almost there. Hang in there and keep us posted. =)

Jennifer Dawn said...

I will certainly be praying. I am going through a high risk pregnancy right I know that sometimes we just need all the prayer we can get.

Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Mama King said...

Much love and prayers, Katie!!!! Try to stay cool and rest.

Susana said...

I've been a silent reader for months now :-), but I just want to say you are in my prayers for a very healthy delivery and recovery--both you and your sweet baby boy! Also praying your transition home with ER will be a happy one.

Blessings, Katie, so happy for you.

Jenny said...

I'm really excited for you all. I'll be thinking of you and hoping everything goes well!

Ticia said...

I'll keep praying for you. I had a couple of scares like that with both the boys and Princess.

From my experience a scheduled-C is so much easier to recover from than an emergency. I'm trying to remember if your first was a scheduled-C or not. Ahhhh...... summer brain.

Well, I'm glad you've made your decision and that you feel peaceful about it.

MaryAnne said...

I think I would go with a planned-C as well. It's just so much easier to know what to expect, and the recovery has to be infinitely better than the recovery after an emergency C-section that starts after who knows how many hours of labor!

Will keep you in our prayers for a smooth delivery and easy recovery.

Quirky Homemaker said...

Praying for you! Look how cute you look!

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