Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Dora the Explorer Products: Mega Bloks Playset & Greatest Hits CD

One of the first characters my daughter fell in love with was Dora the Explorer.  Our favorite adventurous friend and her pals are staples in our household. We own several Dora themed books and toys.  Recently we added a second Mega Bloks playset to our collection: Dora’s Carousel Adventure Play Set.
The 13 piece set comes with a Dora figure and Map joins her as a special block friend.  Boots is there in spirit as "Peek a Boo Boots", one of those put your head through the hole photo prop often seen at tourist attractions.  Your little one can pretend to turn Dora into Boots with it.  ER loves those kinds of things and always wants her picture taken in the cut outs, so she really thought that was a neat part of the set.
She also has a lot of fun with the buildable carousel that spins, just like a real one.  The horse comes off and she also uses it to pretend Dora is taking a pony ride, one of ER's favorite things to do at carnivals.  The flowers are also a cute touch to the set.  All of the blocks interchange with other Dora Mega Bloks Play Sets, so now ER can expand her Dora world and she especially likes adding the flowers to the bath time playset.  I love listening to the little stories ER makes up for Dora to go on with as she plays with the set, it's so fun to hear where her imagination takes them!
Along with the Dora’s Carousel Adventure Play Set, we also received a copy of We Did It! Dora’s Greatest Hits on CD to review.  ER already likes to run around singing the Dora the Explorer theme song, now we can sing along with the music too!  Released in honor of Dora's biggest fiesta yet - her 10th anniversary, We Did It! is the first compilation of Dora the Explorer’s most popular songs from the show like "Swiper No Swiping".  Also included are five new ones, like "Todos Juntos" Featuring Shakira, which is both upbeat and catchy.

The CD is great for turning on and having a spontaneous dance party.  It's been so hot and humid lately, that we've been popping it in and then burning off some steam inside in the air conditioning.  I've also been taking We Did It! Dora's Greatest Hits to play in the car.  ER bounces her feet to the tune, while we run errands.  She can talk your ear off, so it's nice to have something she likes so much to keep her busy while I try to remember all the things I need at the grocery store!

Dora’s Carousel Adventure Play Set and We Did It! Dora's Greatest Hits CD are both great for fans and are the perfect way for preschoolers to continue having Dora fun all day long.


Disclosure: Complimentary review products were provided.  The opinions and experiences related within are both personal and unbiased.  No other compensation was given.

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Liz Mays said...

That is just so cute! I love the little horse and carousel!

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