Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Like Mommy

Remember the post about my love of bags, well judging from the picture above, I think she's taking after me already. Please note that she's got four bags and purses hanging from her baby's stroller. Hmmm...wonder how she knew to put them there! Come to think of it, that's not even all her bags, she's got at least one or two more. Another way she's a chip off the ol' Mommy block, a few days ago we sat down for a snack. She went right away to get her magazine to read while eating. Hey a girl's got to keep up on all the latest Build a Bear fashions! Guess she's noticed how I always have my nose stuck in a book during casual meal times.

And I haven't remembered to take a picture of her chowing down on a crunchy dill pickle yet, but she's already proven she's inherited a love of salty things. My paternal grandma gave me my first pickle when I was little and I haven't stopped eating them since. I just remembered that my Aunt Barb gave me a recipe for Dill Pickle Soup when I got married eight years ago, I may have to look that one up and actually try it as part of my recipe round up. It still sound weird but she swears it's totally edible.

Thanks a lot for all the great suggestions and recipes in my mailbox. We're looking forward to trying chicken Florentine, ravioli lasagna, slow cooker tortilla soup, turkey chili, and pork chili verde. Keep them coming and thanks for your help! They all look pretty healthy too, and after my oatmeal raisin cookie and ice cream extravaganza tonight, my jeans feel a little tight so that's a good thing! My advice, if you live by a Meijer's grocery store, just keep on walking right past the bakery section and their large plastic tubs of bakery cookies. The containers have way too many cookies in them, and you will love them. And yes they will go straight to your hips or in my case tummy!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Hi! My "company" is in downtown Ypsilanti; the historic area. Are you familiar with the High/Scope curriculum used in preschool/daycares? For my job as a data collector, I was hired to go out into the early childhood field to various sites in my area that are participating in a research study that H/S is doing; to observe and test the children involved in our study! This is my 2nd year doing it; unfortunately after data collection is done this Spring, I am out of a job. It was a 2 year study they are doing, with grant money- so I am kind of an independant contractor with them. Its an awesome experience, which I hope will lead me onto bigger and better things!

Thanks for your comments on my lil Gage; he just loves that robe!! How old is your daughter? 2-ish? Aren't they wild at that age?? Gage will be 2 in April; time goes by too fast!!

Chat later;)

Tori said...

What a beautiful blog! I really like your layout--the bird is cute! Your daughter, on the other hand is seriously adorable! I wonder if my future daughter(s) will inherit my love of shoes?

Yeah I have to avoid the Meijer bakery section too, lol!

Keep writing! (I found you from SITS, fyi! :D)


What a face on that little cherub!

MarciaBrady said...

Hi Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Couponing is a lot of work, but the blogs I've come across kind of take some of the work out of it. I'll definitely have to let you know how my savings go.

Your daughter is adorable! I also love purses and bags. My great-grandmother gave me a purse when I was two and I've carried one ever since.

I also like dill pickles, but not sure about dill pickle soup. You'll have to let us know how that one works out!

On another note, is your couch purple? My favorite color is purple, but I've never seen a purple couch. I'm lovin' it!!

Tori said...

Wow thank you for such a long comment!! It really is a joy to watch little ones grow...I was blessed with two younger brothers when I was 10 and 12 and I have really enjoyed watching them grow up with me. This time of my life really is full of change--Peter went to college away last semester, but is here at my community college this semester to save some money on classes that will transfer back in September. We've tried writing letters...unfortunately he's not the best with writing, lol. I agree with you--it can be a beautiful thing, but his gift is music, and he's blessed me with it many, many times, while I use my words for him. Thanks again for the great comment, Katie! I hope you can stop by again!
P.S. I know...I'm totally craving those olga dippers :D

Norma said...

Reading while eating - like mother, like daughter and like grandmother. I rarely eat without a book or magazine unless I am sharing a meal with someone else. I am enjoying keeping up with my very special granddaughter via your blog.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Hey! I gave you an HONEST SCRAP award:) Please come on over to grab it and add it to yours!!


Vickie said...

How cute is your daughter? Super cute!! She is only two and she is already grabbing a magazine.

I love how Meijer's stuffs the cookie container. MMMMMMM

I forgot to send you the email for the recipe. I will do it tomorrow, I am going to bed. All my kids are sick and I am tired.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your daughter is sooooo adorable!! Great job Mommy!

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