Friday, January 16, 2009

Melissa's & Tim's Wedding Photos Online

The photographer from the wedding I was a bridesmaid in last November Amanda Williams, was so much fun to work with. She has a great personality and seemed like an old friend within minutes of arriving at the church. She took great engagement photos of the happy couple and has just posted some gorgeous pictures from the big day on her blog. I normally take a ton of my own photos at big events like this, but I knew from looking at Amanda's blog beforehand that she was going to get amazing photos that would be so much better than mine! It wasn't worth bothering missing any of the fun that day to be behind a camera. I was so right, Melissa looks like a princess and the cake really was that gorgeous!

She also took these fantastic family pictures of one of the other bridesmaid's family. Needless to say we'll be calling Amanda to set up our own photo shoot, because I've always wanted beautiful fall foliage family pictures! The family package is less than what I've paid for pictures at Sears and Kiddie Kandids and the pictures are so much better, on another level entirely. Plus you get 300 images, 8 of which are in a professional folio, all your pictures on CD, and a photo release so you can make copies of your pictures anywhere. If you're in the Detroit area, she comes highly recommended!

2 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

Really, cheaper than the studios. Where is she located?

BTW, I sent you an email about scrapbooking locations.


Katie ~ Would you believe I've lived in Saline for 24 years and have NEVER been to the antiques market? I hate to even admit it. I've always meant to go.

I'd love to meet up anywhere between Ypsi & Saline ~ there's also Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor that is fun to browse at too ~ email me & I'll give you my phone number and we can make a plan!

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